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I'm partial to the before, too. Everyone does a white slipcovered sofa, but you have such a unique fabric there, so pretty (and, though it's always hard to tell in pictures, looks like it would look nice in the room, too). But the slipcover is elegant, well made. Nice lines either way!

Apartment Therapy New York | Flickr Finds: DIY Slipcovered Sofa
7/15/08 11:54 AM

The chalk markers are awesome! Harder to erase and they dry so you can't 'blend' as easily (if you're making art) but still... nice and bold.

Apartment Therapy New York | How To: Make Your Own Chalkboard Paint
7/10/08 02:30 PM

agreed. my wallet is about to lose some weight!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Coming Soon: Orla Kiely Bed Linens
7/2/08 10:40 AM

Once you paint the door, you could add some red in the yard too. Flowers, etc. That might help unify it and make it less shocking to them. I, however, LOVE red on the outside of houses!

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Is The Red Too Much?
7/1/08 09:47 AM

I totally agree. I have never lived in a 2500 square foot home, not with my family of four growing up, nor with four other girls in college (and we only had one bathroom - try that!), and I have NEVER felt that I was cramped. You learn to adjust, you learn to be creative, and you learn to live together. It's not only possible, but it can be downright enjoyable. I enjoyed my experiences. I felt close to others, both physically and mentally. I can't even imagine what I'd do with 2500 square feet. Who would clean all of that??? :)

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | A Dwell Reader on Small HomesDwell: June 2008
6/16/08 03:08 PM

I get up WAY before the sun... usually no later than 6. Sometimes, around 4 am. For work. (I usually sleep twice a day... a nap around 3 and a night's sleep later) I currently use a cell phone but I hate it, because sometimes people call or text me really late, not knowing when I'm in bed. I'm getting an alarm clock.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Informal Survey: How Do You Wake Up?
6/5/08 01:47 PM

I would either use this in my living room (on top of the kinda depressing brownish-beige standard apartment carpet) or in the bedroom, so when I get out of bed it would be soft and welcoming on my feet.

i love the word 'flotaki' too. :)

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: Flokati Rug from Rugs USA
5/29/08 08:50 AM

I like the look of this and I like it plain as well. So much so that I bought it... but just know that this exact unit requires a LOT of nailing tiny little nails to get it together... so many nails that I ended up quitting halfway through because I'm not a carpenter! :) But if you can get to it, it's a very nice way to hold tiny items. Good job, I say.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! IKEA Decorative Scrap Paper Box Drawer
4/9/08 11:16 AM

It does sound insulting. Buy art because you like it and want to keep it, not because it's trendy. I hope people who bought the Keep Calm and For Like Ever posters bought them because they liked them, not because they're in every magazine ever. That's why I got the Keep Calm poster.

That said, I do think this is funny, but not funny enough to keep around my house for a long time.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Insert Artwork Here Print by PolYesterday
3/26/08 07:55 AM

I have a dog door and I live in a low crime area, so I don't worry about it. Plus my dogs would probably scare off most people. They don't bark often, so I don't think they bother the neighbors. They only bark when someone approaches the house, like most dogs in our neighborhood. I, too, like that the dogs get more exercise by running in and out. The like it too, I think. I have only had one experience with a critter gettin' in (it was a lizzard - I live in the South, things get in no matter what you do). If I lived in a more dangerous neighborhood or in the woods, with raccoons, I might rethink it though. I say it depends on your surroundings.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Pros and Cons of Doggy Doors?
2/28/08 08:05 AM

I used to have one of these too and I loved it!! I forgot about it as well, but now I'm going to buy one for my niece!!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Amaze-N-Marbles
2/20/08 06:20 AM

I heard the story on NPR too, and the way the the report ended, it definitely sounded like the solar panel guy was being vengeful - the way the story ended with a quote of him saying something to the effect of "I might have him rip out two more trees next year". I don't know enough to say whether it was the journalism or the heart of the matter, but it definitely sounded spiteful on the air.

I also find it difficult to believe that a true environmentalist would want to rip out healthy redwood trees. It seems like the solar panel guy was looking out for himself, economically or otherwise.

I lean towards having empathy for the tree guy.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Redwoods vs. Solar Panels
2/12/08 12:31 PM