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You might want to try an agency that rents homes for film/tv. The rates aren't that bad either.

House Rental for Small Wedding In LA?
Good Questions

2/22/12 04:39 PM

I was at the Gamble House last weekend (pictured above). A really cool thing people might not know is that 2 students from USC's school of architecture get selected to live in the house every year. Talk about taking your studies home with you!

October is Architecture Month in Los Angeles
9/29/11 01:29 PM

There's one more step beyond small claims court: putting a levy on the landlord's account.

My girlfriend's landlord pathologically lied about returning her full deposit. The infamous "check's in the mail" routine.

So she took the landlord to small claims court. Since the landlord was a no-show and acted "in bad faith", the judge awarded my girlfriend twice her original deposit (which is the law here in CA), plus court fees and serving fees.

The landlord still never paid, so my girlfriend found the landlord's bank account info on the back of her old rent checks that were deposited. She took that info and put a levy on the landlord's account, and the sheriff served the bank, and a check was FINALLY sent.

How To: Get Back Your Security Deposit
8/19/11 05:41 PM

Love the collection!

btw, where is the clock radio from? This one:

Sara & Jason's Terrific Toy-Tastic Home
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4/21/11 07:01 PM