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Mustard, hands down. I am just barely even interested in eating BBQ garnished any other way.

Vinegar, Tomato or Mustard: What's Your Favorite Barbecue Sauce?
7/5/13 06:39 PM

oh my goodness, a US dealer of Sabre flatware with free shipping ?????? YES.

Get the Look: Gingham
4/14/13 12:27 AM

I'm not sure I get the Juniper Books thing. Would it not be incredibly easy to make a custom set of dust jackets yourself, and just spend 1/3 as much on the books?

Plus, after looking at the size of the books on the "MUST READ" set, and the description on amazon of the edition of the Count of Monte Cristo they used, it's abridged. That is fucking stupid. Why would you even bother reading classics if you're going to get the abridged version? Just buy the Cliff's notes/watch the Wishbone episode, instead.

I honestly don't see why you'd spend $140 to get the shitty abridged versions of 4 very excellent books, especially when they are classics that you can find much better editions of at the thrift shop for MUCH cheaper (and will probably look better than that ugly-assed typewriter spine).

Beautiful Books: Designer Editions & Sets
4/9/13 07:46 PM

This is amazing, though I find the idea of going to this length for a three year old's birthday party pretty baffling.

Best Kids Parties: Scandinavian Fox My Party
3/27/13 07:53 PM

I'd probably try them the way I eat normal chanterelles: sautéed in butter, mixed with a little sour cream and globbed onto french bread.

Also: on pizza, with prosciutto.

What Are Some Good Recipes for Smoked Chanterelle Mushrooms? Good Questions
3/8/13 04:37 PM

I prefer my cheeses thinly sliced, and don't really care if it is considered a "don't."

That said, I would never pre-cut cheese I was serving, so no one would have the chance to get huffy about my thin slices.

The Proper Cut: What Not To Do When Serving Cheese The Cheesemonger
3/7/13 04:50 PM

Wow, so much unsolicited medical advice in this thread. I can't be the only person who finds that inappropriate and fairly rude?

Giving Up Your Pets
3/6/13 01:58 AM

Yeah, I was hoping this would be an actual hack, like modding it to use normal CO2 cartridges. Mine finally ran out of gas, and I both don't want to pay the exorbitant price for their branded replacements, and don't want to support a company utilizing illegal settlements in the West Bank. I'm sure there are plenty of guides/tools out there on the internet to use in modding it, though.

Hacking a SodaStream: Have You Ever Tried To Make Fruit Sodas & Cocktails? Food News
3/4/13 02:52 PM

These just remind me of this story from This American Life: http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/395/middle-of-the-night?act=5#play

I honestly feel a bit sick just looking at them. I guess they are pretty, probably, but I find them very unattractive just from the instant relation between them and a skull smashing against concrete from an 8 foot fall. Ugh.

10 Stylish (& Slightly Scary) Floating Staircases
3/1/13 07:44 PM

Yeah, I probably would have gone with any other color, since it definitely looks remarkably like drawer sets that Craftsman makes. But if I didn't already have the Craftsman/Sears association mentioned by others here, I'm sure I wouldn't care. It's well-done, anyway.

Before & After: Michelle's Industrial Jewelry Chest
2/27/13 07:44 PM

Yeah, I feel like people who put any amount of actual thought into their food probably already realized that most of the marketing about "healthy," highly-processed foods is garbage. If you are trying to eat healthy and still eating a lot of processed food, you need to think long and hard about why you're doing that.

5 Foods That Aren't As Healthy As You Probably Think
2/27/13 05:03 PM

The duvet and pillow cover are from Ikea, they were called "HENNY VÄV." I don't think they sell them any more, though (which is unfortunate, because they are really great, and I'd totally buy a backup set if I still could).

50+ DIY Project Ideas for the Bedroom
2/23/13 12:19 AM

This is painfully good. My god.

Molly's Coloring Book Modern Apartment House Tour
2/15/13 04:43 PM

Definitely looking for chair socks at all of my local Daisos. Even if I didn't get or use them, I must see them. And if they have brown, they could definitely help out my shitty, shitty kitchen chairs.

Weigh In: Should Chairs Wear Socks?
2/14/13 07:23 PM

So much badness. There are a few choice pieces here that I totally love, but these rooms end up looking either like they have gone WAY overboard, or like they're not really cohesive in any way.

Overall, I'm gonna pass on all of these.

Romantic Decor: An Ode to Chintz
2/14/13 07:16 PM

While piano tuners may profit from your piano being out of tune, they are also qualified experts on piano tuning, where most people here are not. Most of them probably will not profit by telling Some Guy On The Internet that it isn't a big deal, and most of them probably also take pride in their work/are decent folks. They probably aren't used car salesmen-types or anything, so since they don't have a huge motivation to lie about this, I would take them at their word.

Also, it is hard for me to imagine that the presumably-minute variations in temperature/moisture/etc. on an interior vs. exterior wall will cause shifts big enough for an amateur to be concerned with. I am guessing, by the fact that you don't already have a piano, that you are not a concert pianist or anything. So, I think you'll probably be good, as long as you're not putting it in front of a sliding glass door or baseboard heater or anything else that will go through noticeable, wild shifts.

Must Pianos Be Placed on Interior Walls? Good Questions
2/14/13 05:10 PM

When I have mounted art with spray adhesive in the past, my best friend has always been the soft rubber brayer. I find them way handy for a bunch of different crafts, and it sounds like they would be really helpful for this. Maybe in combination with poking small holes as others have suggested? Or if you pull it up and reapply it, I would dddddddefinitely use a brayer during that process. It should significantly up your odds of being bubble-free.

How To Smooth Out Air Bubbles under Contact Paper? Good Questions
2/14/13 05:01 PM

Taylor Swift makes me a bit ill, not because of the quality of the music, but just from the aspect of kids growing up listening to what is in her songs. No wonder so many people out there are just absolutely incapable of being in a relationship, with the near-total saturation of the media of terrible, TERRIBLE role models and examples of how to function with/treat your partner. Good on her for success, I guess? And she seems Basically Nice. But I feel so, so bad for any of her young fans who's relationship trajectory is influenced by her absurd, perpetual-preteen love songs. Hopefully they grow up and get a clue, even if she seems unwilling to.

Also, the style of this video, like everything else about her, seems extremely affected and makes it seem cheesy and kind of gross. But I'm sure all of this stuff would be really great outside of the context of Taylor Swift, so I reserve judgement.

Get the Look: Taylor Swift's 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together'
2/14/13 04:48 PM

Is there a difference between kids beds and adult beds, aside from range of sizes? I remember a salesman at REI telling me once that women's sleeping bags generally have a bit more insulation in the feet, since women tend to get chillier feet while sleeping. I'm just kind of curious if there was a similar piece of inside info about adult vs kids beds?

At any rate, I would think any bed designed knowing a kid might end up jumping on it, can probably handle the kinds of things I have in mind. I want the Full size of that bed, for real.

Design for the Ages: Basics + New Accessories for Room Design Over Time
2/11/13 05:41 PM

The maintenance issue gets especially tricky, since it is on an island accessible only by a 50-minute ferry ride. A lot of islanders are very self-sufficient, so maybe the owner is already equipped to handle it, but commissioning a project like this doesn't exactly scream "DIY type." That said, Lopez Island is a wonderful destination (as are all the rest of the San Juan islands), and I am totally jealous of whoever owns this.

Raise the Roof: An Adaptable Getaway in Washington ArchDaily
2/6/13 07:13 PM