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I live in Katy, Texas " a suburb west of Houston" . My husband also slept through the storm . I found the wind to be intense , even though Katy was on the " easy " side of the storm .
We never lost power , though some parts of our subdivision did . We did have some flooding on our street this morning because of rain ,and debris from the storm, but not up to the sidewalks .
We also lost a fence and a tree .
I feel very, very fortunate and cannot imagine living in Houston without AC , or ice , or flushing toilets .
But , even that discomfort pales in comparison to people in Galveston who have lost their homes and jobs and way of life .
I like many of you would leave if I was in a mandatory evacuation zone .
I have the resources to leave .
Many people did not .
Many people made poor choices based on previous experiences .
Why they did not leave does not matter now.
Helping people get food , water , shelter , and medical care and the resources to rebuild their lives is important .
If you can help , I hope you will.
If you are already helping I Thank You !!!

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9/14/08 07:29 PM

If they are freshly ground "dry" coffee , I just use a soft ,thick, watercolor paint brush to brush them off the edge of the counter into my hand .
I also use the paintbrush to brush off the coffee pot and to get the last of the grounds from the grinder .

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8/25/08 09:34 PM

Bought it for the title . kept it for great info .

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7/8/08 12:27 AM

would the cost per square foot make these a viable design for rebuilding , in a port city like New Orleans ?

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2/11/08 09:12 PM