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Geez I cringed when I read this post.
I recommend the film "Flag Wars". (It is really a great documentary--part of PBS' pov series and is a "poignant account of the politics and pain of gentrification" as described by the filmmakers.)
That and you could just look around you.

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11/1/08 09:18 PM

Could you share where you got the bed quilt? Really lovely and bright!

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2/22/08 08:44 AM

Love the wood floors and that textured vase on the dining room table. Designed and built all furniture?! Wow! Very cool. I would also love to see more pics of that bathroom. What gorgeous tile!

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2/21/08 11:14 AM

Awesome that you sought out advice. It's always tricky to get perspective on your own space and it's brave to open your home for us readers. I think folks offered great suggestions although I am a fan of taking a look at what you own before heading out and buying new stuff. "Buying a laptop" won't fix your problem.
Like many of us with limited space, you have many different activities happening in one space. I'm a fan of creating zones, an idea I first read about from Julie Morgenstern. It looks like you already have that started, but creating more definition would help, through the use of paint or furniture arrangement. I like the idea of turning the couch to face the windows and creating a cozy area where you can watch your favorite movies and relax. Do you do your work at your desk and really eat at the table or do you end up bringing it all over in front of the tv?
Most importantly when you walk in you want to feel calm and not stressed out. Limiting visual clutter, an idea suggested by many, is the first step to that.
If you really want to keep all of your pieces of furniture, rearranging them so that the first thing you see when you walk in is something calming and not busy shelves. For example swapping the tv and the big black shelving unit. Above the tv, hang favorite photos or art that you already have. That way the first thing you see is things you love. Or better yet, put the tv on the wall to the left in the nook where that piece of art is now. You could also use that little built in nook for your "office zone", keeping things organized and clean so that when you look at the space you are relaxed and not overwhelmed. If you buy anything I would suggest nice decorative boxes or baskets for your office supplies so that the office side of your room blends with the design of your room. Good luck, and I hope you submit pics of what you decide to do. It'd be fun to see how it turns out.

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2/20/08 01:32 PM

So glad you "re-linked" to this, because I missed it the first time around! Love the idea!!!

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2/19/08 08:07 AM

Not sure if the photos I took do the space justice, but I can assure you, as a tall girl I never once had to duck down or crouch. Well, except for when you go in that little closet in the bathroom. It really does feel super spacious, even for us tall folks. =)

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2/12/08 08:36 AM

Thanks Leah! Lucky! What a fun and beautiful place to work! This weather has been making me think it's spring already! Perfect for more exploring of Golden Gate Park!

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2/11/08 07:59 PM