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I use a Rubbermaid mop system on my laminate floors. It has a long swivel head with one velcro cover that's terry microfiber. This one is for mopping. The other is a chenille dust mop, with thick fringe around the edges. I usually vacuum and do not use the dust mop component.
I use Zep for Hardwood and Laminate floors. I lightly dampen the mop, then spray the Zep onto sections of the floor and mop away. It's a great product.
After 2-3 times with Zep, my house cleaner uses Windex on the floors. The ammonia in it lightly strips the laminate floors, removing any build-up of the other product. My floors always look good, and I've used this method for the 5 years they've been down.

How To Clean Laminate Floors
1/20/14 12:06 PM

I own my home, and I was aware of its flaws before I purchased it. I bought the house because I got such a great deal on it. It is very affordable and allows me, in my retirement, to live comfortably without being house poor. Because of the low mortgage payment, I am able to do some upgrades, a little "fixing up, " and buy things for the house that perk it (and me) up.
The kitchen is teeny-tiny and has no window. Still, it's efficient and I think it's attractive. I entered it in AT's "Small Cool Kitchen" contest, but it didn't make the cut to even be an entry. It's a cool kitchen to me, even if it is a flaw in the house.
Another flaw that I can't fix is the master bedroom/bathroom layout. Remember in the 80's how builders put the vanity in the bedroom, and the "water closet" close by but separate? That's the way mine is. The toilet and shower are in the WC; the vanity is in a little niche in the bedroom. I've learned to live with that, too. I keep the counter top clean and un-cluttered. I've grown used to it, and nobody says anything about it. I do hear, "Your place is beautiful," or "Everything is so nice. You have great taste." I don't see how living with flaws in a home is such a big deal. I work around them, and I am so grateful for my home and thankful for all the things I've worked for that make it mine.

Being Grateful About Your Home's (Unfixable) Flaws
1/11/14 10:59 AM

Talk about High and Low...I just read this article, "10 Under $50: 10 Inexpensive Items that I Use (and Love!) Everyday," by Julia Brenner. She recommends a $4 pillow from Target and Maxwell likes the $218 Horchow pillow! The Horchow is a bit pricey for me. Last time I replaced my bed pillows, I bought a pack of 2 by Calvin Klein and they were something like $16.99 at Marshall's. They are comfortable and seem well-made. The $218 one is out of my price range, although I'm sure it must be wonderful.

The Pillow Bar Peaceful Dreams Pillow
12/1/13 01:13 AM

I'm sure the candle smells wonderful. Fig is one of my favorite scents. But, I'm with the majority here. $70 is a little steep for most of us so spend on a candle. There are so many choices out there, so many different brands. I'm sure I could find one I like just as well as the $70 one, and I would pay a lot less for it.

Figue 15 Candle
11/4/13 11:23 PM

My goodness! I don't care whether the subjects in the photos are "photobombs" or "epic" or whatever. I just think they're all cute - the cats, the dogs, the children. "Epic Photobombs" seems to be a widely used term, whatever the photo or the subject matter. Not a big deal in my opinion. Ho Hum.

10 Epic Photobombs From Our Tours
9/19/13 01:33 PM

Here are my suggestions:

1. Don't paint the mirror frame. Leave as is.
2. Edit the accessories on the right side of the mantle to just the two boxes and the white piece on top.
3. Replace the white candlesticks with something different. maybe pull a color from the mirror frame.
4. Edit the art gallery to just pieces over the couch. Remove the piece over the floor lamp and to the side of it, or swap out those pieces with some over the couch.
5. Put solid color pillows on that sofa. Muted dark colors, such as dark red, mustard, caramel, etc, like the mat in the dog picture. Use 3 pillows. One of the same color on each end, and a contrasting pillow on the left side. On the right side with the one pillow, use a chenille throw in a third solid color to balance the ends of the sofa.
6. Enjoy your room. (You may want to paint out the mirror frame at some point, but don't do it now. Work with what you have first.)

Paint This Mirror or Leave As-Is? Good Questions
9/18/13 01:57 PM

What an interesting home! Lots to see and take in, and I'm sure there is so much history within those walls. I don't care for the historic, museum look in my own home, but it is good to see how other people live. Was anybody else freaked out by that white polar bear rug with the head...mouth wide open with those big ol' teeth bared? I wouldn't want to sit in one of those chairs need the bear head and gaze at that thing while I had tea and biscuits. Just sayin'.

Deans Court: William & Ali's Ancestral Home House Tour
9/18/13 01:30 PM

I've never owned a key rack or a noise machine. Neither is on my list of must-haves. Things break, wear out, no longer serve their purpose, and become out of style. Our tastes change over the years. Something we had to have 10 years ago may find its way to the Donate box, even though the said item is still in tip-top shape. I've had a few sets of pots and pans over the years. I've had good ones and cheap ones. I have one great pot that I love and use all the time, and a couple of pieces I bought at a thrift store. I've got a few pieces left over from the odd set here and there. I can put together a decent meal with what I've got, plus a few casserole dishes in various sizes.

I don't eat meat, so I don't have steak knives or a carving knife. I've got a Pampered Chef knife I use for chopping veggies.

I do recommend a good mattress. It doesn't have to be the most expensive one, but a decent one that provides good support and a comfortable night's sleep. If you have ever slept on an old, worn out lumpy mattress that sags in the middle, you know what I mean.

Other than that, I can make do with what I have. I like to change things out every few years because I grow tired of furniture, curtains,rugs, and throw pillows. I do have a very expensive sofa that I will probably have forever, but it's a classic style in a neutral color, and I can change out throw pillows and throw blankets to give it a fresh look.

Apartment Essentials: 5 Items to Carry From Your First Apartment To Your Last
9/10/13 11:31 PM

This space is truly unique. While the bright pink is not to my taste (I like earth tones and greens), it is cheery and personal.

The ottoman was a bit off-putting. I thought it was brown, but then I think the owner said it was a metallic color. I would drape a fringed scarf or throw on one side, swirl it a bit, and let it drift off the edge. I would put a small try on the other side of the ottoman with a bright pink potted orchid and a candle in a crystal holder.

Kimberly's \"Very Betsey\" Room room for color contest
9/8/13 05:02 PM

I especially like the living room. The wall of nudes is very tastefully done. The kids' rooms are cute, too.
It doesn't bother me that the house is "staged." I stage and style mine if someone is coming to visit, and if it appeared in a photo shoot (which it won't), I would stage and style the h*ll out of it. No smudges on the mirrors, no seams on the lampshades showing, no crooked hanging pictures, no bottom zippers or tags on throw pillows showing, no balls of cat fur in sight. (Although I wouldn't mind if my cats were in the pics.)

I didn't like the stairway full of shoes and boots. How would you get up and down the stairs without stepping on them? Also didn't like the niche stacked with a million books and magazines.

I liked a lot of elements from the owner's boutique, and the website is neat. Nice house. Good tour.

Christina's \"Olmay Oh My!\" House Tour House Tour
9/8/13 04:46 PM

I like the glass one. I think it and the round table lend a little more interest to the room. I would put a couple of books or a box under the lamp to give it a little height.

The Coffee Table Battle:
Help Us Find Peace Good Questions

9/3/13 05:21 PM

Very nice. I love the counter tops. It still looks a little dark, even with the natural light from the window. It appears a little stark, too. I would turn on the lights and style it with more bright pops of color in accessories.

Before & After: Drab to Fab, the Kitchen Edition
8/15/13 10:35 AM

I am not planning to do a full-blown Style Cure. I just re-decorated my guest room (last year), had two bathrooms renovated, have a fairly new kitchen that is in good shape, and got new bedding for my bedroom. I work on my rooms all the time. My living room needs a little tweaking - a new throw pillow, an armoire refinished, maybe a new window treatment, & maybe a small console, table, or cabinet to create a sort of landing strip. I don't plan to repaint or do any thing major. I've been going though pictures on the internet an pinning things I like. I didn't get out and about to photograph anything due to some problems with physical mobility.

Day 3: Choose Your Room, Sit for 10 Minutes & Take Before Photos Apartment Therapy's Style Cure
8/7/13 01:18 PM

I have such a small space I really can't find anyplace for a landing strip. I don't have a foyer. You step into my living room as soon as you walk through the door. I have a space a few feet into the room, before the seating area, that could serve as a landing strip. I could put a small chest, a demilune, or a narrow console there. But I don't like coats and shoes to show. I wouldn't mind an attractive bowl or tray for keys, but I don't want it all cluttered up. I'd rather just put the stuff away where it belongs.

The Most Important Room in Your Home Apartment Therapy Video Roundup
8/5/13 01:49 AM

Very attractive. It has a nice, modern look. I was thinking, though, if the 5th picture is the "before" photo, you had a pretty nice little kitchen before the changes. I like it, too.

Jerome's Modern, Minimal Kitchen Small Cool Kitchens 2013
7/28/13 02:46 PM

@tetegrondona - Microwaves have to be a certain distance from the range top. Heat doesn't damage the microwave that I'm aware of. Lots of people have that set up. I used to have a small microwave on the counter, and I much prefer the over-the-range type. It saves space and is more convenient. It's larger, too.

White Kitchen Appliances are Trending White Hot
7/23/13 01:22 PM

There are some really cute kitchens in this year's Cool Contest. I submitted mine on the 18th, but I haven't heard whether it was accepted. Does anyone know how long it takes for the post to appear if one's entry makes the cut?

Vote! Small Cool Kitchens Week 2 Small Cool Kitchens 2013
7/23/13 12:09 PM

I chose white appliances when I remodeled my kitchen a few years ago. Sometimes I wish I had gotten stainless, and I've been asked why I didn't. I've been told, "Everybody buys stainless steel now." My kitchen is quite small (I entered it in the Small Cool Contest, but it hasn't shown up yet) and has no window. I wanted it to appear as light and bright as possible, so I chose white appliances, light counter tops, and light maple cabinets. I like it and that's the main thing! ♥

White Kitchen Appliances are Trending White Hot
7/23/13 10:48 AM

I'm not a risk taker, so I would choose Toasted Coconut. I think it's a lovely color. I'd be afraid the Apricot color would look too "mustardy" on the walls, and the Apricot too pinky-orange. They are all beautiful colors. I'm anxious to know what they chose.

Before: Priya and Jamie Can't Decide on a Color Glidden® Paint's Boldest Before and Afters
7/23/13 10:42 AM

I took an antique rolling pin to my sister. I was detained and everything was checked, but I think it was because I was flying one way and I was randomly picked. That has been several years ago.

What's The Craziest Thing You've Ever Flown With?
7/19/13 03:23 PM