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Thanks for this post! I actually bought a few pieces from tushtush. And this is not the first time, I've seen art on this site and have been inspired enough to buy from the artist.

Etsy Finds: Tiny Artwork for (Sm)all spaces | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
4/27/10 08:15 PM

I'm really loving the look of that partial drop metal pressed ceiling in the second photo. I bet the light that reflects off of that at night is amazing.

Exposed vs. Painted Brick Walls Inspiration Gallery | Apartment Therapy Chicago
12/9/09 09:27 PM

I love that piano too. Clean lines paired with gorgeous wood. That girl has amazing taste!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Zooey Deschanel's Blue Studio Domino
1/8/09 07:04 PM

I just did this two weeks ago with the very same Target gift wrap. So far, it works great and definitely looks better than using regular drawer liners, which usually come in plain white, some hideous pastel pattern or a faux linen weave texture. However, the posts about acidic content/non-permanent ink has got me thinking I should probably put a non-acidic clear layer over it.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Budget Luxury: Use Wrapping Paper to Line your Drawers
12/18/08 02:44 PM

Check out Villa Delle Stelle in Hollywood:

The Art Deco and English suites are gorgeous and very reasonable considering you could fit the entire family!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Hotel Inspiration
2/26/08 02:42 PM

I stayed here a year ago and it was everything I had hoped for in a mid-century modern Palm Springs stay. The bed was SO comfortable and the outdoor shower was really fun (though the bathroom set-up might be a little uncomfortable for everyone but exhibitionists.) I love that they bring you complimentary continental breakfast in the morning... in bed, in your room, on the patio or at the pool.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! The Horizon Hotel Palm Springs
2/11/08 02:35 PM