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First off, as a G-Free lady myself, you should know how awesome you are by making sure to provide a g-free inclusive dessert! So considerate!

For something easy, Bob's Red Mill makes an awesome (and easy!!) brownie mix. I know it's available at Whole Foods. The brownies are great on their own, and I've used it to make mini cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Yum!

For a little more seasonally minded, baked apples or a seasonal fruit crumble are delicious. Just use gluten free oats for the filler!


Easy, Everyday Desserts That Happen to Be Gluten-Free?
Good Questions

9/23/11 05:39 PM

I have a longhaired black cat who loves to snooze on my white couch, so I understand the never-ending battle...

My answer: vacuum diligently at least every other day. Thank goodness my apartment is only 450 sq ft, so that's a reasonable option...

But for you busier folks, I also recommend getting a Furminator as a preemptive strike against fuzzy couch issues. I "Furminate" my cat weekly and always pull off a few baseball sized fur balls. Since beginning that routine, there's been noticeably less fur on the couch (and elsewhere). An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Cat Vs. Couch: Who Wins the Shedding Wars in Your House?
6/21/11 02:47 PM

I love your layout and, man, am I jealous of your true 1 bedroom layout.

I too have loved the greener aspect to living in a small space; it really makes you prioritize your life and belongings. You've done it in a beautifully chic, yet casual, way. Kudos!

Jess' Greener Life in a Small Space
4/28/11 01:33 PM

Love love love.

You've inspired me to get over my lack of space and get a bicycle. If you can fit one (and fit one well) in your space, I can fit one in mine!!

Ellie's Carriage House
4/28/11 01:30 PM

Love the simple glam feel of your apartment. Everything feels so warm I just want to curl up there!

Catherine's 1920s Studio
4/28/11 01:28 PM

@smokegurl14 That shelf & lighting over the bed are two separate products from Ikea that I've put together and wall mounted.

@Mello1 Yeah, the white chairs suck, I know. Sadly, they came with the apartment, so I'm stuck with them, and they don't fit anywhere else, so at the table they stay. The craftsman coffee table is on loan until I save up to get a glass & chrome number I have my eye on. It's not perfect, but works for now!

@cbraun The Seb Lester print was a gift, so I'm not exactly sure where it's from, but I'm pretty sure it was a UK shop. See previous comments for the rug info...

Thanks for all the constructive comments guys! I'll have to save faster for that new coffee table!!

Abbie's Light Life
4/28/11 09:17 AM

@k8r Adobe Illustrator. Drawn to scale. Perfect for playing furniture tetris when you're trying out floor plans. Feel free to steal!

Abbie's Light Life
4/27/11 03:00 PM

@holly14 That coffee table is on loan until I find something I love, so painting is off limits sadly. It's saving grace is it ties in with the lighter floors. And the area behind the couch is a wide entry hallway. I've used it for a small desk area and my dresser, which is used for storage and a "landing strip".

Abbie's Light Life
4/27/11 02:54 PM

@sara01 The kitchen island came with the studio. But I did sew some fabric panels, and hung them on the sides with small 3M Command hooks to create some extra out-of-sight storage.

@studioren The vanity is an antique piece my dad gave me. We thought it was just a writing desk, but during the move it flipped open to reveal a vanity. It was a very happy accidental discovery! Keep your eyes open at tagsales and thriftstores for your very own surprise piece!

Thanks again for all the love!

Abbie's Light Life
4/27/11 10:28 AM

My goodness I'm blown away by all this apartment love!! Thanks so much!

@lonestarstateofstyle The rug is the 5x8. It fits the loveseat area perfectly.

@panacea05 and @jsian The paint color is Behr Pensive Sky in flat. I can't remember the chip number but I'm sure you can look it up on the Behr website.

Abbie's Light Life
4/26/11 08:26 PM

@tracy333 It's the Milliken black & white vibe rug available at Thanks again for the apartment love!

Abbie's Light Life
4/26/11 02:27 PM

Jennifer p - that vanity is an antique that my dad passed down to me. My family thought it was just a writing desk, but during my move the top flipped open. Taa-daa! It was actually a vanity table! So I'd keep your eye out for writing desks at tag sales or thrift shops. Maybe it will actually be a vanity...

Abbie's Light Life
4/26/11 11:05 AM

Thanks so much for the love, guys! The art in the fifth pic is Indelicate, by Seb Lester.

As for the cat, she's a hand-me-down from some friends that has become my spoiled little snuggler. Sadly she's not available at Ikea...

Abbie's Light Life
4/26/11 10:19 AM