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Charming space! But I tend to agree with others about separating the bedroom area a little more. I'd suggest turning the bed and having the headboard on the white wall in that area, so it won't extend as much into the kitchen are physically or visually. If it is not possible to move the wall near the living room area to the bedroom side, which I agree would be a good solution, then consider moving the kitchen shelving unit to the other side of the kitchen to separate the kitchen and bed a little. Might want to get another one of those and/or put something colorful on the back of them to create a wall-like structure. Then I'd switch the dining table and the desk, so the desk is part of the bedroom area and the dining table is moved into the kitchen area. I also think you could try the bedroom up front where the living room area is (so what if the entrance is there, as you see the bed on the other side, too), as that would be cozy and near your bathroom/dressing area (as best I can deduce) and the back area would give you a bigger living room area. Last suggestion, I'd put the two rose chairs together with the sofa, so you have a full living room area and use another chair for the bedroom area. They are beautiful chairs, but should be paired together!

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Either the orange sofa or the carpet has to go. I say ditch the carpet and keep the funky orange sofa. It has character. Clean off the white sofa of all extraneous stuff and get it out of the room while you are working on it. Then put that orange pillow on the sofa. Move the white sofa to the long wall where the TV is now and have it next to the white floor lamp, which will complement it.

Get that little bookcase on the left of the desk out of the room until the bigger things are placed, or maybe permanently. Put the TV on a table/stand in the far right corner on the right of the window, angled from the corner. Get rid of the little low black chair. Put the wicker bookcase to the left of the desk (after you remove that small bookcase), or maybe flat against a wall beyond the white sofa. Throw out whatever that fake green foliage is on the nice wicker.

Take the other little bookcase, currently on the left wall, out of the room while doing the rest. There appears to be a table behind the orange sofa under that window. Take that away and if it fits, put it on the wall to the left of the window (where the wicker bookcase and small lamp sit in the photo).

Push the orange sofa back. Neither sofa should touch their respective walls. They should always be a few inches away. Or if there is space, you could try floating the orange sofa inside the doorway on an L with the white sofa.

The wicker chair may have to go, or try it to the left of the window we are looking at in the first picture in front of the table you moved to that wall. Find another cushion for it, with a bold, modern print that picks up/complements the orange. Use the little table in front of the sofa as a side table to the white sofa, on the far side of it, after you’ve moved it to the long left wall. Put the little lamp on it, so you now have lamps on either side of the white sofa.

There appears to be a plant in the corner, where I’m suggesting you put the TV. Put the plant on the long table going on the left of the window. I don’t know what that picture is on the left wall, but if it doesn’t add anything replace it. Otherwise it is hung much too high and needs to come down to eye level. Get that plastic carton out of your living room. You might be able to slide it under your desk with a little re-arranging.

Dining Room Stuff:
Is the black and white wall hanging in the dining area a carpet? If it is, it might actually go with the white and orange living room. The current red carpet might fit in the dining room and complement the red chairs. Looking at the dining room, there appears to be a white wicker chair in the background. Put that in the living room and perhaps just get rid of the brownish wicker one. I’m now thinking the desk should go into the dining room on the far wall in one of the corners where the bike is located. Yes, the white pedestal table in the dining room and the two brown chairs could be moved to where the desk is now in that corner. Then in the dining room, turn the long table around so it sits more in the middle of the room like a real dining room, with the red chairs around it and on top of the red carpet. Use the little black pole lamp near the new desk location, or see if it can be used next to the orange sofa. The brown wicker chair might find a place next to the desk.

Hope some of these ideas help, although tough to do without all the dimensions.

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7/25/12 03:42 AM