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Every Sunday afternoon, while our kiddo naps, my husband and I sit on our patio, turn on some music, do a little gardening or yoga, or just lounge with a beer. Most Sundays I give myself a pedicure. The key is we never HAVE TO do anything.
This always feels like a mini-vacation! It really helps to keep us going throug the next week. It's a reminder that "this moment" is what we work for & a great way to stay connected with my husband and (as corny as it sounds) with nature.
Although where we live is not the sunniest we can be outdoors most days of the year. And throughout the years our patio garden has grown into a definite garden oasis without even trying.
It's become a great ritual that keeps us grounded in what's really important. And, it's practically free! Can't beat that.

How To Get the Benefits of a 2-Week Vacation in ONE Day!
6/16/11 12:20 PM

thanks for teh color info

Sara & Jason's Terrific Toy-Tastic Home
House Tour

4/21/11 03:57 PM

Love love love this home! Great mix of fun & cool. Can you please share the name/make of the grey color in the backroom?

Sara & Jason's Terrific Toy-Tastic Home
House Tour

4/20/11 12:40 PM