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This is one of my favorite house tours this year! Absolutely fabulous! Inside out GORGEOUS!

Brian & Daniel's Worldly Oasis Home
House Tour

12/30/11 02:59 PM

Nothing personal but I was waiting to see the reason why this is on AT house tour and finally the CLOSET!!. For the amount of color and fun in the choice of shoes and accessories, I was surprised the lack of color through your home. A bit sterile for my taste but nicely put together.

The Las Vegas Home of MadeByGirl's Jen Ramos
House Tour

6/17/11 08:33 PM

This is on my DIY project list. @ mad_ideas where do you suggest to get the metal tubes and caps?

Vin de Garde Cellar System: Modern Wine Storage
ICFF 2011

5/18/11 11:16 PM

I would like to do this on the bathroom door but with glass. Does anyone have experience with that?

How To Install Glass in Solid Cabinet Doors
My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

5/18/11 11:08 PM