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I've only tried a couple of things at CakeLove which I did like, but I was a little disappointed with the cookbook. I literally did not make anything for months out of this since it requires so many special ingredients (potato starch, several liquors, etc). I did really enjoy reading the upfront part of the cookbook and the stories about cakes, but I've only made 1 recipe out of here because of all the things it requires.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Book Review: Cake Love How To Bake Cakes From Scratch
7/22/09 05:13 PM

I made the oreo truffles for a holiday party this weekend and they were eaten up! I made half with regular oreos and half with mint oreos. If I used the mint oreos again, I would scrape out some of the filling or cut down the cream cheese though because they are double stuffed and were alot harder to roll into the balls.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Candy for Giving and Party Snacks: The Full Roundup
12/22/08 01:00 PM

101 Cookbooks is a good one too.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Good Question: Best Healthy and Natural Food Blogs?
12/9/08 11:56 AM

Congrats! My husband and I also got engaged in the Rockie! We were at Emerald Lake near Crested Butte. :) Beautiful pictures!

P.S. My husband is also an architect!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Reader Escapes: Kerry's Rocky Mountain "Great Escape"
8/31/08 05:57 PM

I wish I could, but nope. That would be too loud and wake my husband up!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Do You Ever Cook at Night When You Can't Sleep?
8/26/08 01:42 PM

I used to have a bunch of magnets, coupons, invitations, and a wipeboard. We just painted in the kitchen and when I put everything back together decided to declutter and put the magnets on the side (still viewable) so the front looks nice and neat.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Refrigerator Art: What's On Your Fridge?
6/11/08 06:37 AM

We've been redoing our kitchen, but that hasn't kept me from using my ice cream maker a little too often. :-)

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Thursday Giveaway: 5 Copies of Things Cooks Love
6/6/08 10:46 AM

I can absolutely relate. We tore down wallpaper, repainted the walls and cabinet, and replaced the light fixture in our half bath a couple months after we moved into our house. We STILL (over 2 years later now) have not fixed the wood piece that made the cabinet fit to the wall so there's a gap between the cabinet and the wall. For about a year, the towel rack and toilet paper holder were not up either!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Just the Little Things...
5/20/08 10:46 AM

I also just ordered the machine with the extra freezer bowl! I saw too many fun ideas lately in making your own ice cream and decided to take the plunge. Can't wait!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Product Review: Cuisinart Automatic Ice Cream Maker#comments
5/7/08 07:30 AM

Yes, I agree with Tiamat. Read it all the way through at least once (maybe more if it's complex) and then pull out all the ingredients called for in the recipe to make sure you aren't missing anything. This also helps if it asks you to use certain kitchen tools/pans etc that you may not have.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Quick Tip: Reading the Recipe
3/25/08 07:56 AM

I LOVE this book!! I was hoping for a sequel when it was finished. :)

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Hungry Reader Weekend Picnic: The Time Traveler's Wife
3/14/08 10:49 AM

I finished early too!

The years seemed to fly by in the end of the book. I kept looking at the dates she mentioned to figure out how much time was flying by! I loved hearing the stories about their house in the French countryside and it was sad that she said it changed so much over the years.

The relationship with Simca seemed very frustrating. Julia rarely seemed to walk on eggshells around anyone but her. I found that interesting.

After reading this book, I really want to see some of her old shows and try out making the french bread!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | My Life in France: Week 5 Discussion (The End!)#comments
3/3/08 10:24 AM

Can't wait to hear about leftovers. I was just wondering this as I made a smoked salmon dip this weekend, but wasn't sure how long I could continue to eat it before risking getting ill!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Food Safety 101: How Long Can I Leave Cooked Food Unrefrigerated?
2/26/08 05:25 AM

I love how she talks about some "Today Show" that she's never heard of! I also agree with Pixie's comments. It's interesting how hard she works to become great at what she does. I also was hoping she would move back to Paris.

Paul seems like an amazing husband to step out of his important role and wash her dishes. He's so amazingly supportive of her!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Book Club: My Life In France, Week 4 Discussion
2/26/08 05:22 AM

I found it really interesting that she kept on even after the publishers were not giving positive feedback on the book. It's also interesting to me how even back then, Americans were only concerned about quick cooking and shortcuts.

It seems like the back and forth between her and Louisette would have been so painful back then even just being from Paris to Marseille. Too bad they didn't have email!

I wasn't a big fan of the description of the duck with the duck blood sauce. Maybe that's just me...

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Book Club: My Life In France, Week 3 Discussion
2/19/08 07:51 AM

This one could be elementary, but what makes a cookie recipe come out flat? Cooked what was supposed to be dessert for tonight and the cookies came out completely flat and crispy. Any thoughts?

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Open Thread #138
2/14/08 07:24 AM

A little late, but I'm in too!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | The Kitchn's Book Club: My Life in France
2/10/08 04:03 PM