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I have used Benjamin Moore Natura to paint the walls and woodwork in four rooms. I love it for use on walls. Ours are heavily sanded, and this paint is thick and covers the texturing beautifully. HOWEVER, it is horrible for using on woodwork. It shows every brush mark and drips and glops too easily. It is so thick that it fills in details and crisp corners. Against the warnings of the guy in the paint store, I went ahead and thinned it with water and got much better results, with it actually covering better on woodwork when it was thinned a little.

Benjamin Moore Natura Paint: In the Test Lab
4/11/12 07:28 PM

I have found that "popping" the brown rice in hot oil before adding water makes a huge difference in the quality of the finished product. The individual grains stay distinct and don't get so mushy. The frying imparts a nutty flavor, and the rice cooks quicker because the hull has been broken on most of the grains. So for me this step is not optional!

How To Cook Brown Rice
4/19/11 08:22 PM