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Real art?

Home Design Decisions Only Grown-Ups Will Make
6/26/14 12:31 PM

Or maybe they're telltale signs you've been fortunate enough to receive/purchase these items.

Home Design Decisions Only Grown-Ups Will Make
6/26/14 12:29 PM

Ahhh. Superb. I could get lost in this house and never want to come out.

Peggy & Chris' Los Angeles Modern House Tour
6/17/14 09:44 PM

I do love this space and think the decor looks great. However, it could be taken higher to make this space look even more amazing! For example, I think a plush rug should be put under the white lounge chair in the living space to define it. This would add a little texture to the space, but not too much. Also, the bedspread upstairs is a little too high school. Switch it out for something more mature and sexy like the space. The picture above the bed appears out of place and awkward. I'd suggest adding more photos, center the current one, or replace it with a large mirror or larger photo. Overall, I love this space. I'd totally live there!

Brian's Glass Wall Small Cool Contest
4/21/12 03:38 PM

When I look at your pictures I feel like I'm in 2 completely different places with clashing styles. The bedroom, kitchen and bathroom go together, but the living room and dining room don't match up to it. Part of the home is so tidy and clean and the other part is cluttered. I'd suggest making the other 2 rooms live up to the rest of the home. Otherwise, love your bed space and kitchen.

Johanna's Rare Find
4/21/11 10:32 AM

Your place is fantastic!!! I love the chrome bed. It adds a nice contrasting pop of shine with all the texture throughout your home. I also love how your books are stacked perfectly on your floor. I too am a neat freak! ; ) the way people, if you eat meat then what's wrong with putting a deer head on your wall? As long as you are EATING THE ANIMAL then I don't see the problem and if you're a vegetarian, sorry. To each, his own. I'm just saying.

Will's Warm & Cozy
4/19/11 08:02 PM