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i love how warm and inviting this home is.makes me just want to pop on over for a cuppa.It is very fresh and airy with color,unlike alot of sterile white apartments.
This would be the winner by far if I was judging:0)
Go delight!!

Northwest Semi-Finalist #1: Delight's Cozy Nest for Three
5/14/07 04:49 PM

love the rocker,it's gorgeous.The bed was so much af a focal point,but not in a good way,that I didn't notice the rocker until I looked at the pics a second time.A simple coverlet would fix that. The built-ins are lovely too.

#6: Cassandra's Harmonious Heirloom
4/13/07 02:56 AM

love the orange kitchenaid:0)
my fave kitchen by far

#3 - Heather's Colorful Space for Two
4/12/07 03:22 PM

excellent improvement,I was just about to write about the butcher block from ikea but ART beat me to it.
I think an orange or colbalt blue backsplash would be awesome.

#2 - Laura's Renovation Inspiration
4/12/07 03:19 PM

love the tile but that's it.
It is nice to have an organized clean space but this doesn't have any life to it,sorry.JMO

#1 - Manolo's Shiny Bachelor Kitchen
4/12/07 02:38 PM

What a dream,I love your style Sara.You are my inspiration for downsizing with style.
I follow your blog and I Hope you win,you deserve it:0)
awesome job

#4: Delight's Cozy Nest for Three
4/12/07 02:36 PM