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My husband, son and I all lived in a studio apartment for 18 months before upgrading to a two bedroom. I thought it would be such a wonderful thing to have adequate space for our family at last, but as it turns out the new place hasn't really come together. My friends still talk about our old place, which they have fondly dubbed "the rubik's cube," and rhapsodize endlessly about how organized and immaculate it was all the time. Yes, well, it wasn't too hard to keep up with the dishes, since I could literally do them without getting out of bed!

I've also gained ten pounds since moving to the larger space, because now that I have room to veg around all afternoon, I absolutely will. The old apartment would more or less eject me out onto the running trail in the afternoon. It seems like a weird thing to complain about, but this new place is way too accommodating!

On Why My Large Space Makes Me Feel Lazy
4/27/11 10:24 PM

I think this is a lovely idea, a great use of otherwise wasted space. As to safety concerns, kids are inexperienced, not idiots, and they learn from their mistakes just like the rest of us. Hyper-vigilant parenting may feel good to the parent, but it hinders a child's natural development and teaches them to buy into a false sense of dependence on their caregivers. Of course that's just one parent's opinion...but then again, it's the opinion of a parent who doesn't have to worry that my toddlers will fling themselves into a blazing fireplace if given the opportunity!

Before & After: A Stylish Babyproof Fireplace
4/19/11 02:28 AM