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I know that 'unrest' feeling all too well. I read these design/diy blogs a lot and always feel like my home isn't where I want it to be. The other homes are just so amazing and mine is so un-done with bare walls because I just can't decide on what to put up there. There is almost too much inspiration out there that I can't even make a decision on what to put on my walls! the end of the day, it's my 2 rambunctious dogs and loving fiance that make the house I live in feel complete. Not my bare walls or *still* unpainted doors+trims.

I love this post and the perspective it gives us. It's a nice reminder.

On Being At Peace With What You Have
7/19/11 01:42 PM

I saw this same store in Paris and fell in love with them!! Unfortunately for me, the store was closed on the LAST day I was in Paris. I think about this all the time and how I almost could have had one. On their website, they only sell the small garland, but I want one of the big ones!

Colored Thread Globe Lights
La Case de Cousin Paul in Paris

7/19/11 01:33 PM

I wish I could thrift more often but being prisoner in a corporate job ties one up pretty tight! I go whenever possible. Sometimes I'll just pass by one on the way to the grocery store and make my BF make a U-turn just to stop by for a few minutes. It doesn't ever really have to take really long. Just a quick peek, you never know what you will find with just a quick peek. But on days I have more time and can actually make a thrift store my destination, I yelp some review on local thrift stores and hit all the popular ones in the morning (weekends of course). Even though I don't go as often, I do find little treasures here and there. I haven't yet found my mid-century night stands yet though!

Five Tips for Successful Thrift Store Shopping
4/19/11 01:14 AM

The stockholm rand from Ikea is all sold out in CA and I haven't seen it in stock for such a long time!! I've got to get my hand on one of these striped rugs!!!

Inspiration: Black and White Striped Rugs
4/19/11 12:52 AM