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It depends on the guest really. I don't like the judgey ones -oh my apartment is to small for you? It's so inconvenient of me to only have a single bed for a spare bed, I should buy a king for when you stay because that's what you like?

I don't think so, you knew I lived in a small apartment and that I only have single bed spare before you got here, now shut up or go fork out for a hotel.

Reality Check: Do You Really Like Having Overnight Guests
7/25/11 11:14 PM

Where I live it can get up to 45 degrees celsius in summer (I think thats 115 F?). The power grid isn't built to have lots of people using lots of electricity all at once with the A/C and at least once during a heat wave there will be a power outage. So getting in a tub filled with cold water (well as cold as what comes out the tap) is the only way to cool down, and it works! I hadn't thought of reusing the water through the day, even though my entire state has been in a drought with lots of water restrictions until recently. I'd probably maybe share it with partner, as in getting the tub with him, but I'd empty it out afterwards. I only have small tub at the bottom of my shower any way.

Another tip is take a towel in there with you, soak it in the water and drape it over your head. Cools you down even quicker!

Green or Gross? Keeping Cool With Consecutive Cold Baths
7/23/11 01:03 AM

It's fair enough to leave the air con on for pets, but so you don't have to breathe stale air when you get back? It seems odd that one of the next suggestions is don't pay for vampire power... and I do live in a climate that reaches 42C/109F in summer btw.

Anyway if you're a worrier like me, a checklist is not a bad idea... a reminder that you did in fact turn the oven off before you left. Turning the water heater off completely is apparently not a good idea, but some of them vacation/holiday switch that uses less power for when you go away

Going on Vacation? Ready Your Home!
7/10/11 05:34 AM

I see you already have candles in front of the mirror... I'd leave the mirror as is would clear everything off and place an asymmetrical row of round pillar candles in front of it. When lit the candles would look good with the reflection behind, and it would bring that warm fire element out of the fire place and into the room more. Simple, but it could be a beautiful effect?

What To Do With Mirror Above Fireplace?
Good Questions

6/7/11 10:11 AM

Another vote for oil here! Nothing gets eye make up off like oil. Good for your skin too :)

4 Natural Makeup Removers You Can Find in Your Kitchen
6/2/11 11:21 PM

It can be so hard to tell how bad it will be, no one saw that in land tsunami coming that swept way entire towns in Queensland, Australia.

After the Victorian Black Saturday fires in 2009 and the Queenland floods earlier this year, I would not be surprised if most Australians would opt to walk away. You can rebuild your home, but not if you're dead.

How Far Would You Go To Save Your Home?
5/20/11 08:20 PM