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Your apartment is beautiful!!

I'm in the same area as you and am planning to renovate my kitchen soon. Can you share the name of the contractor you used? Were you happy working with them?

Apartment Therapy New York | House Call: BlondeinBrooklyn on a Budget New York
1/26/09 09:27 PM

I've always loved Zara. I should have known they'd have a home division. I hope they bring them over to the states soon!!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Bedroom Interiors from Zara Home
2/8/08 03:46 PM

Chris - what kind of stain did you use on your floors to get that color? They're beautiful. Also, who did you use?

I don't think that you need a rug if you do not want one. However, it's a great way to define the space adn I think that it adds a comforting texture in contrast to the wood floors...

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Do I Need a Rug?
2/8/08 06:32 AM

munchkinchop - that was my thought exactly!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Bamileke Stools from Cameroon
2/7/08 05:14 AM

This makes me want to kick myself for buying two separate tables...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Lee Sinclair's ConverTable: Five Tables In One
2/1/08 09:18 AM

Oh no!! I'm interested in the rug, but when I send a message it says that an e-mail can't be sent because the user might have given an invalid e-mail...

This is a tragedy...

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Scavenger: Handwoven Turkish Rug - 6' 6" x 10' 2" for $500
12/20/07 09:20 AM

I wish there were a more affordable version of this... I wonder how many years it will take manufacturers to lower the price point. I really want one!!!

Apartment Therapy - Fagor's 24" Refrigeratorn. (slingks) Surreptitious web links to other good sites
10/9/07 06:24 AM

If I got to work in surroundings like that, I think I wouldn't have to go on vacation! I hope to be able to live a lifestyle like that one day...

AT Europe: San Casciano in Val di Pesa, Italy - My Summer House Swap
8/13/07 04:00 PM

corn on the cob!!

Survey: What's Your Quintessential Summer Food?
7/16/07 09:43 AM

Has anyone ever gotten furniture (dining chairs/sofas specifically). Are they durable and a good bang for the buck or are they flimsy?

CB2's Chet Sofa
7/10/07 06:23 AM

OH MY GOODNESS - does anyone know where I can get those chairs from?!?!

Nama Rococo Wallpaper Panels
5/24/07 12:49 PM

I subscribe, but I got the version on the left... blah...

Blogging Domino: May 2007
4/26/07 12:38 PM