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So many colors! Seems like such a vibrant room to be in! Being in a living room like this is bound to strike up conversations even if situations aren't as comfortable. Love it!

Inspiration: Round Rugs
4/18/11 04:47 PM

Oh my. That's so many shelves! Its really cool to look at but I feel like its just inviting clutter pile up! I would be so tempted to just through everything on a shelf whether its important or not.

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Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2011

4/18/11 04:41 PM

Oh my this chair and center table set is really cool. Its so different then the other living room furniture styles I've seen, even when it comes to contemporary furniture. But I'm afraid it looks a little weak. Would this kind of furniture really be sustainable?

Uniquely Fabricated Chairs Designed by Dirk Vander Kooji
4/18/11 04:26 PM