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I think a red door would look good, just don't paint the shutters the same color if you keep them. The front door should never be the same color as anything else on your house. Agree with other posters about beefing up your columns and putting large matching pots of flowers or shrubs on each side of your door. From there is is a matter of planting a white birch tree in the front yard and doing some landscaping.

Add Character to Home Exterior with Red Door and What Else? Good Questions
6/4/14 09:00 PM

Posted a response a few days ago, but was thinking...... If this was my bathroom I would take a hammer to the old tile and bust it out. Not hard to do, then find some pretty tile you like and install it. Since it's a small area the cost should not be very much. Why live with something you don't like when it is so easy to change. Also, I would probably put up a modern geometric wallpaper on a wall or two. If you don't think you can install tile then cover the area with wood planks and paint it out white, after the old tile is removed.

What Color Should We Paint Our Bathroom with 1989 Tile? Good Questions
5/27/14 11:39 PM

I would go a few shades lighter than the tile, but since you are opposed to more gray then I would paint it white. Agree with one of the posters who said to color the grout. I would try to match the grout to the tile. Buy two canvases of the same size and DIY paint them and hang one over the window and the other on the corresponding side so it is symmetrical. If you are not artistic you can paint them a solid color or ombre. I would change out the access panel on side of tub to something flat and paint it same color as tile so it "goes away".

What Color Should We Paint Our Bathroom with 1989 Tile? Good Questions
5/23/14 11:08 PM

Agree with many of the others that your doors are most likely hollow core. I have the same doors and painted all of them black. Used a small 6 inch roller and the job went very fast. They don't look dated anymore.

Should I Restore 40s Maple Doors or Paint? Good Questions
5/23/14 10:20 PM

I agree with many of the other posters that it is best to leave it white. Accent wall definitely will date the space.

Where Should I Paint Blue Accents? Good Questions
5/6/14 11:28 PM

Buy another set of curtains and curtain rod like the ones you have on your window on the other wall. Hang the rod at the same height starting about 6 inches from the wall, where your wall hanging is, and extend it past your door 6 inches. You can pull it back when you need acess to the door and pull it closed when you are home. It will disguise the door and appear as another window.

How To Paint Front Door When It's in Your Living Room? Good Questions
5/6/14 10:47 PM

And please post pics of your 'after' kitchen. Good luck with your project.

What Color Would You Paint This Kitchen? Good Questions
4/15/14 06:45 PM

If it was my kitchen I would paint the cabinets a soft gray and remove the doors on the upper cabs. Paint the inside of the upper cabs gray and cut mirrors to fit in the back of each. Here is a video link from the Lettered Cottage on what to do. http://theletteredcottage.net/open-cabinetry/ It will lighten and brighten your kitchen immensely. Remove the fluorescent light above the sink and install glass tile or subway tile backsplash. Here is another link from Lettered Cottage of her finished kitchen. http://theletteredcottage.net/kitchen/ I would paint the walls in soft white or light gray.

What Color Would You Paint This Kitchen? Good Questions
4/15/14 06:22 PM

Take a look at the redo over at "The Painted House". http://www.tphblog.com/ranch-redo-colors/ She painted her brick and looks fantastic. You could paint the stone and siding the same color. If you had reservations about painting the actual porch under foot, it could be left as is.

Paint Color To Coordinate with Stone on My Home's Exterior? Good Questions
4/4/14 11:24 PM

Darker gray on walls and soffits, glass backsplash, stainless appliances, modern kitchen chandelier. The dark cabinets and light walls create too much contrast and make the kitchen look chopped up. Darker paint should help with that. Also, the room needs a bit of shine/sparkle, which the light and stainless will provide. Also, a print rug to provide some interest.

What Is a Good Color Scheme for this Kitchen? Good Questions
4/4/14 10:25 PM

The table and chairs are dating your room.. Sell them and get rectangle table. Update lighting for sure and drop the light in dining area lower over table... a pretty modern chandelier would make such a difference. Paint walls gray or greige, white subway tile for back splash with under cabinet lighting, ditch the blinds and get curtains that can be pulled back during day for patio doors and a faux roman shade at window in kitchen. Hang the curtains starting midway between the top of window and ceiling. The roman shade should also start midway between the top of window and ceiling and end a couple inches below the top of window. IF you can sew, or know someone that does, buy a bold printed fabric for your drapes and shade. If budget allows change out cabinet hardware to something more bold and modern like brushed nickel pulls. Stainless appliances and range hood would help too. Just remembered, I saw a new product at Lowes last week. It is a tile that has a peel off backing.....comes in glass tile or stainless. Don't remember the price but you might want to check it out for the back splash. Good luck with your project.

How Do I Get Expensive Looking Kitchen Upgrades on a Budget? Good Questions
6/18/13 11:39 PM

Black satin finish for the chairs. It will help 'anchor' the room. Remove table cloth and add a large colorful vase.

What Color Should I Paint My Windsor Chairs? Good Questions
6/9/13 06:56 PM

At first glance I was thinking definitely paint, but after looking at the pics again I say leave them. If possible put your money into modern chandeliers, bold & colorful print rugs, and updated furniture. Curtains from floor to ceiling will help hide some of the wood. Adding color and light is the key.

Ways To Modernize Pine Ceilings and Walls? Good Questions
11/8/12 09:24 PM

Get a track kit for sliding closet doors and mount on ceiling and floor. Buy cheap hollow core interior doors, add the same moulding that is on your wainscotting and paint it out in same color as your walls. Make sure some kind of stopper is on the end of your track kit so the doors cannot slide and remain in a fixed position. It will close your area in some, but it could save your child from injury or death from a fall. The whole system can be removed when the child is older.

Something Safe but Stylish for Childproofing? Good Questions
10/15/12 01:21 AM

Cover foamboard with fabric or wallcovering or even wrapping paper the same size. Then you could mount a picture on top of that.

Ideas for this "Built-in Frame"?Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
3/26/10 11:26 PM

Maybe something like this.

Good Questions: Tips to Lighten Up & Add More Style? | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
3/25/10 04:39 AM

I would mount the curtains so they cover the whole wall then make the turn around the corner and continue with curtains on the window of the sofa wall just past the edge of that window. Buy a large framed canvas and acrylic paints and create your own piece of modern art, very easy to do and economical. Acessorize in color.

Good Questions: Tips to Lighten Up & Add More Style? | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
3/25/10 03:42 AM

I would paint the walls a color closer to the color of the brick and hang curtains in a lighter or darker shade of that color. The fireplace will then blend in as opposed to standing out.

Good Questions: Ideas for Hiding Fireplace? | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
3/17/10 11:20 PM

Adding another color in such a small space is going to look confusing to the eye. My suggestion is to find a large scale wallcovering in pink (maybe a paisley), hang a white shower curtain, and lay white vinyl tiles on the floor. If you are willing to go a step further you could rip the tile out and install beadboard panelling and paint it out white. Very easy to do and a sheet of it probably cost around $12. Would think 1 or 2 sheets would get it plus some chair rail moulding to top it off. Good luck with your project.

Good Questions: Color to Work In this Pink Bathroom? | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
3/11/10 01:54 AM

How about a large 3 dimensional sculpture against a nice colored background. Could even make your own using different metals. Or make a hanging mirror mobile using different sizes of mirrors that are suspended on leather cording or even fishing line. Would be dramatic with the lighting you have from above.

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2/21/08 05:53 PM