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Most people ask me how I ever could have moved from Boulder, CO to New York City, and a large part of it can be traced to not having/needing a car and the foot-friendly lifestyle that follows. I am one of the lucky few who walk across town to work (15 minutes if I hit all the lights), but still, having a car in the city is almost more of a hassle than it is worth, due to traffic, parking, insurance, gas etc. But what we don't pay for in transportation expenses, we make up for in housing though!

A few things that bother me to no end... the massive use of plastic bags for EVERYTHING! You literally have to insist they not bag your purchases- when you're only walking across the street to get a sandwich and then returning to your office, is it really necessary? That is one area I hope both city dwellers & our suburban counterparts improve. That and shutting off the faucet when you brush your teeth.

I like the idea about Xeriscaping too. However, not to be cynical, but imagine how many jobs in the Las Vegas gardening sector would be lost if the city landscaped with native plants rather than artificially creating an ecosystem with the water usage of a rainforest in the middle of a desert?

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2/12/08 02:35 PM

I love the bench idea, the floating shelf by the dining room, and the floor-to-ceiling curtains.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Loft Apartment by Shelton, Mindel Associates
2/12/08 01:42 PM

Melissa- I love the apartment. Can you tell me more about the cabinets above the bed? I am moving into a studio with a little niche where my queen-size bed will go and have been trying to find similar cabinets (I like the lights too). Clearly the biggest concern is something that won't fall on my head. I also want to maximize storage (maybe sheets, towels, books etc), and don't want something too deep (probably 12" deep). The space I have is about 64" wide.

What are the measurements of your cabinets? Where did you find them? How did you install them (including lights)? What do you store in them?

Your comments are much appreciated!

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2/9/08 12:26 PM