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Has anyone tried that skunk shampoo? My dog Birtch Casey likes to think he's Steve Erwin or something, and we need something better than tomato juice right now!

Five Pet Products for a People-Friendly Home
7/22/11 01:18 PM

I second the heated towel rack! I put one right next to my shower doorsand it is a godsend!

Good Questions: What Should I Use to Hold My Towels?
7/7/11 01:11 PM

As long as you aren't using doggy doo in the garden, a much cheaper solution would be to buy a garbage bin and a pound of red wiggler worms. As long as you keep the supply "constant", those little manure piranhas will give you compost in no time. And the smell is not bad at all, provided you keep the bin loosely covered.

How To: Compost Dog Poop
4/26/11 11:52 AM

It you are uncomfortable with using etching cream, decorative films are a great way to do this too. Not to mention, they are removable!

Storage Project: Custom Etched Glass Jars
4/18/11 01:19 PM