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I live in Arlington, VA. I liked Clarendon before it became Whoville. I still like Clarendon, but outside of the three blocks of outdoor shopping mall.

I would absolutely buy this house. It is in keeping with the whole Clarendon/Lyon Village neighborhood that architectural styles vary. Just about seven blocks West of there there are a couple of houses that look like they were taken out of Arizona, a number of tudors, craftsman bungalows, a few modern places.

The guy is trying to piss off his neighbors, but the general vibe of residential architecture here is not historic, it's conservatively eclectic.

Apartment Therapy DC | Hot or Not? Tall, Thin, Available (House) in Clarendon, Virginia
2/23/09 04:48 PM

Am about to try a shipment to CD Recycling Center in Salem, NH (USA). Yhey seem like a viable outfit. They'll take CD and DVDs and their jewel cases and will
a) reuse cases that are in good shape by selling them
b) grind up the disks and recover the gold and other metals for reuse,
b) grind up broken jewel cases and the non-metal parts of the disks for downcycling into durable goods (yes, shipped to China, but their "why would someone pay $12,000 to ship something to China and dump it" argument on what happens to the plastics makes sense.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Recycling CD Jewel Cases?
2/9/08 09:46 AM