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I love this! House Tour, please. I'm passionate about black and white.

Laurette & Charles' Contemporary Chic
House Call

11/18/11 01:57 AM

This is inspiring! Wish I could own a home liek this someday with my partner.

Amelia & Becky's Cozy & Colorful Condo
House Tour

11/16/11 01:16 AM

House Tour please :-)

Abby's Broke But Still Fabulous
House Call

11/1/11 07:38 AM

I love all the black and white and strategically you've used the colors (or non-colors).

Nicole's Contemporary Elliot Park Condo
House Call

9/20/11 03:30 AM

Every night I enjoy a great view of the Makati skyline and my condo is pretty cool san airconditioning. But what I can't wrap my head around is that it gets so dusty after just one day. It's so weird! I don't even know where the dust comes from since I keep my windows closed most of the time.

The Things You Didn't Know When You Moved In
9/20/11 03:28 AM

I don't know where all the hate is coming from, shellyj. This is nice especially for a first home/apartment where the owner is probably exploring what works for her and what does not.

My First Apartment: Jessica's First Solo Austin Abode
8/25/11 02:40 AM

You have my vote, but I just feel a little bit weird about the close proximity of your footwear to the kitchen, ingenious but a bit unhygenic.

Onielia's Divided Studio
5/1/11 02:53 AM

This is by far my most favorite House Tour post! I love the color palette, the restraint and how functional yet minimal the interiors are. Good job, guys!

Anna and AJ’s Modern T-Loft
House Tour

4/28/11 05:28 AM

Black and white - one word: amazing!

Abbie's Light Life
4/27/11 01:20 AM

i fell absolutely in love with the kitchen and the entrance up to your kitchen area looks so much like my own 25 sq. meter studio :-)

Sarah's Small in Santiago
4/25/11 05:21 AM

i'm loving the start simplicity of the interiors. good job!

Shereen's Open & Airy
4/25/11 02:58 AM