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Hands down, my favorite house tour ever. What an awesome space.

Matt & Mel's Animated Abode House Tour
5/12/14 12:36 PM

For those of us who rent, wall-to-wall beige carpet never went away. So glad to know we're on-trend now.

6 Big Home Trends from the 1990s
(That Just Might Return)

2/12/14 01:11 AM

I think the most important tip on this list is hidden in #4... don't let your boyfriend move in with you. ;)

10 Habits of a Highly Organized Person: How Pro Organizer Jeni Aron Keeps Her Own Life Under Control
1/25/14 01:37 AM

@gracek2000 my thoughts exactly.

10 Under $10: Always-Appreciated Practical Stocking Stuffers
12/4/13 09:12 PM

At least they didn't trade in their car for one without ABS or airbags.

Family Decides to Only Use Pre-1986 Technology
9/10/13 03:28 PM

Headphones + Coffitivity ( or RainyMood ( Also, I second DFig's comments about scheduling. Good luck!

Tips for Studying in Shared Studio? Good Questions
7/27/13 12:25 AM

Does anyone else see the problem with the casters, given that the mirror is precariously balanced against the wall?

Before & After: Bedroom Dresser is Painted No More Redoux Interiors
6/18/12 08:12 PM

Thank you Tulsa, beat me to it.

5 Seriously Smart Tips For Summer Living
5/31/12 04:50 PM

Looks like the captions for #4 and #5 got switched...?

No Closet, No Problem: 10 Fixes for Apartments with a Lack of Closets Renters Solutions
3/20/12 07:43 PM

I usually don't have an appetite in the morning, but I get crabby if I don't eat something. I've recently started making smoothies for breakfast - I can get in a few servings of fruits and veggies, and I don't feel like I'm forcing myself to eat.

5 Tricks To Help Grown-Ups Eat Breakfast
3/9/12 01:45 PM

Nice bike!

Sarah's Supremely Stylish West Village Home
House Tour

1/4/12 12:49 PM

#15 That face! Awww.

Best (and Most Adorable) Pet Posts
Best of 2011

12/27/11 01:50 PM

The bedrooms are great (the green one is perfection!) and I love the grey bathroom, too. And the cat, of course. Such a fun house tour! :)

Clint & Lisa's Bold Crayola-Inspired Abode
House Tour

12/2/11 06:35 PM

Ohmygosh, that last picture is adorable.

Jamison, Alec & Zion's "Elegant Circus" Home
House Tour

12/2/11 06:21 PM

I don't have a strong opinion either way, I guess, though we've chosen to display the TV in our space (mostly because our little studio doesn't have room for a bulky TV cabinet). There's art hung on the wall over the TV, and it's surrounded by bookshelves. Re: lazysmurf's comment... I don't find the art and books distracting or chaotic. The shelves are in good order, and we've tried to keep the art simple (5 or 6 fairly big pieces on the whole wall, not too much visual noise).
Overall, I think that if I'm going to have a TV, I'd rather it be one I don't mind looking at. We were TV-less for a while, and watched movies on a 23" monitor. That was fine too, although it's been nice to be able to move the couch a little farther away from the TV and watch together.
Oh, and... We don't have cable TV service either. We stream movies and TV shows from the internet. It's so much easier to find something I actually want to watch! I still miss HGTV sometimes, but only a little bit. :)

Designing Your Space: TV, To Hide or Not to Hide
12/2/11 06:14 PM

@eliz Beat me to it.

Living Inside an IKEA Catalog
12/1/11 02:46 PM

@ the Bicoastal Scientist: Your comment made me laugh so hard.

Give 'Em This...Maybe: Gift Giving Based on Facebook
12/1/11 02:44 PM

I have to agree with some of the other commenters that it all looks very staged. Some of the architectural details are great (that staircase, for example), but the decor doesn't add much to the space.
On the other hand, those dogs are adorable.

Carly & Jason's Cozy, Charismatic & Glamorous Home
House Tour

12/1/11 02:41 PM

No pictures of the offices or the laundry room?

Betty's Custom Designed Live/Work Home
House Tour

12/1/11 12:24 PM

Just discovered this house tour from this ( post - definitely my favorite house tour ever! You've taken an architectural feature that many people would see as a flaw (the sloping ceiling and short walls on one side) and totally incorporated it into the design of the space. Just looking at your space makes me feel relaxed.
But I have to say, I'm predisposed to like a dog-friendly space. And Otto is such a handsome fellow. :)

Sarah & Steve's Attic Aerie
House Tour

11/29/11 09:55 PM