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Don't buy Jessica Seinfeld's book. Another author wrote it and submitted it to Seinfeld's publisher. It was rejected, but amazingly two months later it was published as Seinfeld's book with the exact same recipes and even similar wording in the text. There is a pending lawsuit by the original author against Seinfeld and the publisher.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Reader Review: Darlene Bakes from Jessica Seinfeld's New Book
2/13/08 06:16 PM

It is certainly better than nothing, but it is necessarily over-simplified.

2 KwH to product one pair of shoes - good information, but how much energy did it take to ship them from China to the US or from the port to the store? No child labor used in manufacturing them, but how about child-labor in gathering the raw materials or loading them on the truck?

Were the factory workers that made them paid a living wage?

I'm not criticizing your friend's company, but pointing out that these can be very complex calculations. I have nothing but admiration for Patagonia's commitment, but I see corporate PR in this label. It is suspicious to me that there is nothing is negative on it - all is perfect and that is just not realistic. Better would be an overall sustainability score for each product that encompasses these and other important parameters. Certainly if these issues are what Patagonia thinks are the primary issues associated with their products then list them, but they are not all there is to sustainability and it looks self-promoting as a result.

I also see that 100% of factories were assessed against Patagonia's Code of Conduct. OK, but how many passed? Do you see how a 100% score might look like just PR? How often are they assessed? What do the asessments measure? Better information would be something like "The factory that made this item had a Patagonia Sustainabilty Score of 89." (for example).

Hours served in our community: In what... a month? A year? 10 years? That particular statistic is meaningless and has no relationship to the shoes at all.

I applaud Patagonia's effort in developing this, but they should make it more meaningful and less "fluffy".

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | AT on ... Doing the Tough Math
2/9/08 09:00 AM

The dishwasher question is pretty easy to figure out. I also have an old 70's dishwasher, and it uses 12 pints per cycle (1.5 gallons). There are 5 cycles in a normal wash and 4 cycles in a light wash cycle (which is what I use). Soooo, a light wash uses 4.5 gallons of water. That's not that bad considering it takes 4 gallons just to half fill the dishwashing side of my sink, not including rinsing.

I think it is safe to say that even if you only fill your sink 1/3 full of soapy water and then 1/3 full of rinse water (~6 gallons) it is STILL more efficient to use your dishwasher.

To save power when you use the dishwasher, open the door and let the dishes air-dry - don't use the auto-dry feature.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Thoughts on Living Green at Home
2/9/08 08:27 AM