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What about those of us who want something cute and aren't willing to pay indoor prices for outdoor furniture?

Springtime Blues: Outdoor Seating Roundup
4/15/13 07:21 PM

Aren't these crosses? Some of the picture descriptions indicate they are crosses. In any event, crosses or "pluses" outside of a church or used in decor seem very adolescent goth to me. Meh. to each their own.

Trendspotting: Pluses
4/10/13 01:52 PM

I would make screen caps of their texts and then BLOCK their number. I would also go back to living a normal, but respectful life. Ignore any communication you receive from them. Make your landlord aware of the situation and explain in no uncertain terms you are being harassed by this neighbor. Ask your landlord to have a conversation with the neighbor about THEIR behavior. It's very important that your landlord (I'm assuming if you were the only your relationship with the neighbor would be VERY different) know what's been going on and what steps (reasonable and unreasonable) you have made to remedy the situation.

How Do I Deal with Neighbor's Excessive Noise Complaints? Good Questions
2/20/13 09:19 AM

The original Prime Suspect is available for streaming on Netflix. Amazing cast and a real strong female lead in a meaty role.

Lucky Seven: TV Shows Worth Streaming on Netflix
11/5/12 03:38 PM

Maybe it's the way these spaces are styled but it all seems horribly pretentious. having lived in VT and going to my fair share of barn festivities I can't imagine Vermonters doing anything but laughing at the ideas put forth here.

Beautiful Barn Parties
10/26/12 07:06 PM


DIY Idea: From IKEA Rast to
Campaign Chest
For Chic Sake

9/25/12 03:29 PM

I think the before color is kind of unattractive. I much prefer the after. All this pearl clutching is so foolish. If you don't like the look of painted lamps, then don't have them in YOUR home. See how easy that was?

The Power Of Paint:
My Lamp Before & After

9/25/12 03:28 PM

TERRIBLE for nursing or trying to get in and out of with a baby on board or in your arms. I always see these in nursery posts here and assumed it was for decoration, because there's no way people are actually trying to nurse a fussy (or unfussy) baby in one of those. It is simply not practical.

Modern Nursery Classic: The Eames Rocker
9/25/12 03:19 PM

honestly, the room looks a little precious and fussy to me. I don't know if I'd feel comfortable letting kids run through there.

House Tour Sourcelist: Sarah & Matt's
Easy Modern Family Room

9/25/12 03:17 PM

I cannot tell if it's the photography or if the wall color really is sucking the life out of the room. I don't understand how a gray sofa is going to work in that space as is. It seems like it would not work with the current wall color, which appears muddy tan on my screen. Honestly, a different wall color (crisp white or a moody gray) would be the best start. Afterwards it would be a lot easier to ascertain what accent color would work best in the space. Aqua, orange and chartreuse are ones that immediately come to mind.

Barring that, getting all the hues to play with each other in the existing scheme seems like a tall order. The wall color seems pretty jarring.

How To Add Color Oomph to Living Room? Good Questions
9/25/12 11:39 AM

canal phones are the devil's audio delivery device. they are the worst. they never fit, are terribly irritation to the ear canal and just kind of gross when you think about it.

Alternatives to Apple's New Earpods:
Better Sound For Less Than $100

9/25/12 09:57 AM

A Lamy Safari and Rhodia notebook served me well in college. No distractions from either.

Back to School: iPad Accessories Every College Student Needs
9/20/12 06:06 PM

I absolutely adore this chair. It makes me happy looking at it. I imagine the seats in Wonder Woman's plane look like this.

Variations on the Ghost Chair Modern Classic Source List
9/18/12 05:06 PM

I love the look of the white ones, but good design is not enough for me to pay $$$ for plastic, no matter how happy it might make me.

Modern Classics: The Componibili
9/5/12 05:16 PM

Simply breathtaking.

Alina's Dar Gitane (Home of the Wanderer) House Tour
9/5/12 05:01 PM

I echo the 'Art of the Steal' documentary. It is riveting. Other good ones:

Stan Lee (I forget what it's called...) and Marvel. It's engrossing.
Killing of a Chinese Cookie (about the invention of the fortune cookie)
Milton Glaser!!! A million times. I could watch it over and over

Five Great Documentaries to Stream on Netflix Tonight
9/4/12 05:38 PM

I love what I can see of this home. But man, house tours are a PITA on mobiles.

Sarah & Matt's Expertly Styled Home House Tour
8/30/12 03:49 PM

It's just seems so HoJo-ian,maybe clustered w/ some weeping clown portraits or pictures of sailboats...

Keane Kids For Kids?
8/30/12 03:46 PM

This is incredibly cool. i love it. Also, I love the smell of tires.

Before & After: From Tired Tire To Awesome Ottoman That Was A What
8/23/12 10:47 AM

Most of my house guests have been horrible. The worst being the one who got upset w/ me because I wouldn't allow them to bring a Craigslist hookup into my home. The same houseguest was also pissed because I would not allow them to borrow my car to go and score drugs. They were the uninvited plus one of a casual college pal I'd graciously allowed to stay in my home (they asked to crash) for an event happening in my town. and needlessly to say, I no longer speak to that person.

How To Be the Guest That Gets
Invited Back

8/22/12 11:55 AM