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Great apartment! I love your dining area and the all the light in the loft. I really wanted to see more of the TV stand in you bedroom.

Bess & Peter's Brick & Timber Loft
House Tour

11/15/11 04:29 AM

Hello from Greece! What can I say?? I really, really REALLY love your house!!! The bathrooms and the kitchen are just to die for and the rest is just beautiful. If you include the 3 children involved it's just a miracle!!!
Καλή συνέχεια παιδιά και να χαίρεστε τα μικρούλια σας.

The Stathoulis' Mid-Wilshire Wonder
House Tour

6/13/11 11:15 AM

Very interesting house! I would love to see the house tour.

Chris' Pearl District Storefront Loft
House Call

5/24/11 07:37 AM

I'm totally jealous!!!

Christine's Sausalito Skylights
4/26/11 06:32 AM

Great job! I would love to see a House Tour from your place!!!

Stellah's Disappearing Bed
4/22/11 12:01 PM

Beautiful house!!! I love the hanging man.

Susan's Carriage Loft
4/20/11 01:03 PM