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Kaori, your English is fine. Better than a lot of Americans :)

AT had a whole post on "should guests be required to take their shoes off" a couple of months ago, and it was quite interesting to find out that many other countries/cultures, not just Japan, expect everyone to take their shoes off when entering a home.

Warming Winter Style: Add Cozy Touches to the Living Room
12/9/11 07:57 AM

Very pretty, but am I the only one wondering why an entry from DC is in the South category??

Laura's "Sunny Days" Living Room
10/25/11 07:23 PM

Love it, but the actual Boy George quote is slightly different: ‎"It would have been both ironic and glamorous to be finished off by a four-foot glitter ball. " (I think I like yours better--don't tell George!)

Christopher & Javier's "Mid-C Techno-Industrial" Loft
House Tour

7/14/11 06:19 PM

So...I'm sure the painting in the dining room isn't as overtly racist as it seems. Sambo's? Black woman seemingly in distress with a letter or something covering her mouth?

What's the story?

Tim Campbell's Custom California Home
House Tour

7/2/11 08:24 PM

I love your furnishings, and it does make the cookie-cutter-ness of the apartment barely noticeable. I guess your place hasn't gotten a lot of favorites because it doesn't look like an Ikea threw up on it :)

Otilia's Temporary Home
4/16/11 05:56 PM