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Thank you so much, everyone! It was so fun being a part of this year's contest, and Gwyneth (my 2-year-old Yorkie) really appreciate all the sweet comments ya'll made here!


Meredith's Colorful Work in Progress Small Cool Contest
4/30/12 04:01 PM

Thank you, everyone! All of your sweet comments have been what's making this so much fun!


Meredith's Colorful Work in Progress Small Cool Contest
4/10/12 07:55 PM

Oh my goodness, thank you for all of these sweet comments. @lucytea and @this farming man, that one has just put me over-the-moon!

@purplecharm, I did paint the door myself. I have a tutorial on my blog if you want the how-to. Not sure if you're allowed to put your blog links on here, but if you email me at, I will send it to you! The paint is Benjamin Moore Potpourri, Semi Gloss finish.

Thank you again, everyone!

Meredith's Colorful Work in Progress Small Cool Contest
4/6/12 01:18 PM

Thank you, everyone for the sweet comments!!

@Tossia66 - the paint is Sherwin Williams "Minor Blue"

@Kittykatz, The peephole has been kind of bugging me, so it's great to see you think it kind of works! I thought about doing the picture frame thing too, but held back because I already have so much going on. There's a very cute chalkboard interior door with detail around the peephole in "Living In A Nutshell" if you're looking for other options!

Meredith's Colorful Work in Progress Small Cool Contest
4/5/12 08:30 AM

Thank you everyone for the kind words on my apartment - it's made my day!

@Emmelemm - I don't have the source for the light fixture in the kitchen, but I've emailed my building to ask and will let you know if I find out.

@Chesterandtrudy - I wish I knew how to sew, but I don't yet. The lumbar pillow on the couch and the Euroshams on the bed were done at Strouds Upholstery in Raleigh, North Carolina. The other pillows (and the curtain over the bed) were sewn by my Mom.

@Lucytea - Yes! The TV is tucked away in the piesafe!

@KittyKatz - The rectangular shape in the center of the front door is the peephole - a necessity, but definitely not the most attractive feature in the apartment!

@Dyan_can - Here's what's from the dumpster that you can see in these photos: The tall skinny bookcase in the office area, the small blue table you can see in far left in photo #4 and the frame that I made the headboard out of. There's also a bench at the end of the bed that you can't see in these photos, and I just finished painting an old chest yesterday that I'll use to replace the current nightstand.

Thank you again for checking out the space and taking the time to comment!!

Meredith's Colorful Work in Progress Small Cool Contest
4/4/12 08:57 AM