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@ellabee - I was wondering the same thing! I have 2 I scored years ago but on mine, the dowel can't be removed. I saw one at an outdoor festival and saw that they had attached the fabric by stapling it to the top dowel and then wrapping it around the dowel and securing again with a row of upholstery tacks. It looked like they did the same thing at the bottom. Kind of nitsy business, which is probably why I haven't yet updated them.

Before & After: A Decked Out Vintage Deck Chair
7/22/11 10:16 AM

Grew up on the Great Lakes. Nods to bridges, barges, freighters, and sailboats can't help but find their way into my home. Red, white, and blue - but also raingear yellow, buoy orange, and industrial greys. My uncle's mid-century navigational charts, my grandfather's oars, the freighter model my dad made. I love to have the things I love around me and sometimes they happen to fall into a theme.

Summer Style: Neat & Nautical Interiors
6/30/11 02:57 PM

I spent 11 years in small neighborhood that is still "in transition." I was in a house that was split into 3 apts. Over the years...
*A crashed, burned BMW on the sidewalk and a confused cop asking me if it was my car.
*The digeridoo player. He'd take something to expand his mind and play that thing all night. Not so much loud as it made the windows vibrate in the oddest way.
*The young family who loved Jesus and jackrabbit sex - and then yelled obscenities at the subsequent offspring. They hogged the laundry, used my hot water, and after I spent a weekend creating a garden plot, she planted some awful vinely thing in it that took over.
*The crazy dude 2 doors down who would drink all day and yell up at me to turn off my f-ing lights when I would sit on my sunroom in the evenings.
I just moved into a cottage, still an urban setting. The kids next door used the house as a play area (I put a stop to that), and the woman who used to live there would bring them in and give them cookies (nope, sorry). They hit the house with their toys and for some reason, they get let out every night around 10 pm. I know you do this with dogs... but kids? Anyhoo - I'll all over being the woman shaking her fist and being generally cranky. I work ALOT. And I want to come home and be Left. Alone. No wonder the suburbs and their large plots of land are so popular.

Get Off My Lawn: Neighbor Pet Peeves
5/26/11 01:29 PM

Goodness, there's one of these behind an antique shop in Avon, OH. 100% exactly the same layout and exterior. I always wondered about it - it's nice to know it has 'siblings.'

Tereasa's Modest Cottage
House Tour

4/25/11 09:15 AM

When I decided to bring some of my parents' Great Lakes emphemera in my home, I struggled with making sure I wasn't on the ticky-tacky end of nautical. But there are some great fabrics out there that hint at nautical without being Tall Ships. I also take a great deal of inspiration from an old WWII sub that you can tour downtown - it has the greatest art deco lines and ingenious space-saving ideas.

I love what this couple did with nautical theme.

Inspiration: Modern Nautical Decor
4/14/11 08:53 AM

I found a number of shallow drawers in front of a home - used to be part of a built-in butler's pantry that was being torn out. They worked great for similar storage. I think a traditional depth drawer would work well, too.

Wine Crate Shelving for Bathroom Storage
4/14/11 08:40 AM