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It's disgusting but I'd probably consent in this job market.

Would You Provide Your Facebook Password to a Possible Employer?
3/27/12 03:19 PM

unfortunately all these thing are garbage. what you really need is a mac mini and a big network attached storage device.

it may be expensive but if you consider the cost of dropping cable you can recover the savings in about a year.

What's New With TV Set Top Boxes
8/2/11 12:07 PM

here is a tip for keeping receipts. when you make an important purchase snap a photo of it on your iphone. make a event folder in iphoto called "receipts" and store them there.

you may be able to get them to automatically filter by using the face recognition feature.

How Long You Should Be Keeping Your Tech Receipts
7/29/11 11:26 AM

i really like a set of icons called "litho"

you can get them here http://iconfactory.com/search/freeware/litho

Replace Your PC or OS X Trash Icon with an Iconic Design!
6/24/11 04:30 PM

claustrophobic workspace and uncomfortable undersized bed. worst of both worlds.

Loft Bed Workstation: Perfect for Students & Small Spaces
6/7/11 04:21 PM

just because you can doesn't mean you should.

i don't believe the ultimate goal of technology is to eliminate the need to touch anything or exert any effort.

simplehuman Sensor Pump
Daily Find

4/26/11 12:46 PM

why are we still using IR in 2011? would a wi-fi or bluetooth solution really be that expensive?

Clean Up Your Media Center With an IR Repeater
4/26/11 12:35 PM

i can't figure out how to stream media on NAS drive to my mac mini. for some reason itunes won't allow it


Managing Your Entertainment Thru Media Servers
4/13/11 07:13 PM

"i feel smarter", with an obvious typo in first sentence.


Why We Cut Cable And Aren’t Looking Back
4/13/11 07:09 PM

i've been cable free since 08. best decision tech decision i've ever made. i use 2 TB network drive attached to a mac mini with (PLEX app, SABnzbd, sick beard, and couchpotato), and an ipad 2 (or apple remote) to control everything.

the only downside is i can't watch live cable news or sports in HD. but to be honest i feel smarter now that i have to read my news rather than watching it.

Why We Cut Cable And Aren’t Looking Back
4/13/11 07:07 PM