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Love this. I appreciate that you didn't go the typical minimalist route for your loft, which to me is a bit too "expected." This feels completely unique and homey. Nicely done!

Chris' Pearl District Storefront Loft
House Call

5/23/11 09:39 PM

The sheer number of toys unnerves me a bit, but there's no denying this is an impressive collection, beautifully displayed.

I live for the teal vintage chair.

You mentioned your biggest embarrassment was the neutral walls, but I would argue the subdued palette gives you a perfect backdrop to show off the vivid colors of the toys and furniture. Don't change it!

Sara & Jason's Terrific Toy-Tastic Home
House Tour

4/21/11 11:26 AM

Brett, I love your space. Very stylish. I'm in love with the wall colors, particularly the blue and green. Can you share the color names/brands?

Brett's Good Bones
4/21/11 12:25 AM

Beautiful! The pops of fuschia are really striking. I would never guess the West Elm bedding could look so glamorous.

Britany & Matt's Arcadia Bungalow
4/21/11 12:16 AM

Beautiful! As a fellow Minneapolitan, I'm not exactly unbiased, but I truly love your space. This is a perfect combination of industrial and glam.

(I'm also in the loft district---are we neighbors?)

Like previous posters, I'm curious about the wall colors. Please share!

Casey's 32% Growth
4/21/11 12:00 AM

Jettsam, you probably thought you were being clever, but instead you just came across as b*tchy.

I agree with the previous post that mentioned the bedroom doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the house. That being said, I love your living and dining room. I'm OBSESSED with the turquoise couch.

Stephen's Mid Century in Seattle
4/19/11 12:17 AM

I really like this space. Love the pendant lights and stools in the kitchen. The hot pink accents in the neutral bathroom are unexpected and fun. The only things missing for me are plants and artwork. I'd be interested in seeing this place in daylight.

Broc's Timber Ceilings
4/19/11 12:08 AM

The deer head is just about the only thing about this space I don't like, but purely from an aesthetic viewpoint, not a PC one. Everything else---gorgeous!

Will's Warm & Cozy
4/18/11 11:52 PM

I really like the brick, the wood beams, and the olive color on the wall behind the bed.

Rob's Walls of Windows
4/18/11 11:41 PM

From one Paul to another--your apartment is gorgeous. There isn't anything I don't love: the dark floors, the taupe accent wall, the wood tones of the kitchen, the masculine palette of the furniture and bedding. Love it all!

Paul's Sleek Studio
4/17/11 12:39 AM

Liz, I've never posted a comment on AT before, but loved your space so much I felt compelled to.
Personally, I love the pale, neutral color scheme. The wood floors and furniture give it plenty of warmth. I typically don't gravitate toward vintage furniture, but you have chosen your pieces so judiciously, they work brilliantly.
By far my favorite space---Bravo!

p.s. I like that you can do chin-ups over the vanity area. ;-)

Liz's Light Off Lake Michigan
4/15/11 05:12 PM