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No mention of LastPass. It has plugins for Firefox, Safari, Chrome, runs on Mac, Windows, Linux, and has apps for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian, and even WebOS. It's free for browser-only use; mobile apps require LastPass Premium at $12/yr. It supports various forms of 2-factor authentication, including Google Authenticator, YubiKey, and thumb drives, and has a portable mode as well.

Keeping Passwords Safe, Yet Handy on Your Tablet Tablet App Recommendations
3/22/13 03:13 PM

I don't know of anyone who actually buys printer ink by the liter. I do know, however of millions of people who buy gasoline 10, 15, 20 or more gallons at a time, or diesel 20 or 100 gallons or more at a time. It is stupid to say that printer ink or Chanel No. 5 or bull semen cost hundreds or thousands per liter versus gasoline or diesel at 3 or 4 dollars per gallon. No one ever buys those things in the sort of quantities to make it more expensive than the average purchase quantity of motor fuels. Technically it's correct, but in the real world it's just ridiculous.

You Thought Gasoline is Expensive? Printer Ink is Over $5,500 Per Liter
3/16/13 09:43 PM

You can think of a plasma screen in a couple different ways: 1. as a CRT not with 3 electron guns (one each for red, blue, & green), but with 1920x1080x3 electron guns (or ~ 6.2 million, one for each color of each pixel on the screen); or 2. as 1920x1080x3 teeny tiny neon lamps (this is closer to how plasmas actually work). Because they still have phosphors like a CRT, they are susceptible to burn-in, as the article states.

Direct-view LCD technology is almost impervious to burn-in, no matter what backlight tech is used, mainly because there are no phosphors in use. However, anything projected, even using LCD or DLP technology, can suffer burn-in. In fact, I believe that a projector of any sort has multiple avenues of burn-in possible: obviously the screen can burn (which I've seen in rear-projection LCD TVs), but so can any of the optical focusing elements (and possibly the LCD panel[s]) between the lamp and the screen. The 2 LCD front-projectors at my church both have a large green burn covering most of the visible area, and it's in either the lenses or the LCD elements.

How To Choose Between an LED, LCD, or Plasma HDTV for Super Bowl Sunday
1/29/13 05:02 PM

Doctor Who isn't the longest-running series on TV (there are soap operas which have run longer), but it is the longest-running sci-fi series. Just remember: Don't Blink!

Lucky Seven: TV Shows Worth Streaming on Netflix
11/5/12 12:17 PM

I don't see a mention of Box (formerly They are more tuned for business uses, but they're still pretty good. I signed up during the time they had the 50GB promotion, which obviously isn't running anymore. 5GB for free accounts, and 50GB for ~$20/mo. They're a bit more expensive than the others, but they have a whole bunch of apps and websites with which they integrate: e-signing documents, workflow management, paperless office stuff, etc.

Pros and Cons: 5 Cloud Storage Options
10/13/12 03:28 AM

30 bucks for a hunk of wood and a couple of magnets!? Are you freaking kidding me? Just go to your nearest home construction site and ask if you can have a couple chunks of tailings, and ask a geek friend if he'll get you the magnets out of an old dead hard drive. Add a couple bucks for something to mount it to the wall, and some epoxy or double-stick tape to attach the magnets, and I bet you can do it for under a tenner.

PLANK: The Landing Strip for the
iPhone Generation
Daily Tech Find

9/10/12 11:30 PM

I had basic cable + 25Mbps internet up until about 9 or 10 months ago. The price of the TV portion kept increasing; I'd haggle it down to around $90/mo, and a few months later it would go back over $110. I finally said to heck with it and told the cable company I wanted internet only. I was able to upgrade from 25Mbps to 100Mbps and still save $10-15/mo. We watch very few current shows, which I BitTorrent; lots of YouTube and other free streams. I would love to get a Roku box with NetFlix and Hulu Plus, but I can't afford it right now. Other than that, we get our news from the net and we tend to watch older sitcoms and series on DVD. I don't watch sports, either, so I don't really miss live TV.

Weighing the Pros & Cons of Cutting Cable
7/27/12 03:00 PM

Mint supports my credit union and has a long list of banks and lenders available. In fact, for a couple years now my CU has had a connection with an OEM version of Mint called Finance works. It became available shortly after Intuit bought Mint. I wish I could link my Finance works setup with my Mint account, but other than that it's pretty good.

3 Easy to Use Online Personal
Finance Tools

7/26/12 10:27 PM

I use Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box (formerly I have the proprietary apps for all 3 installed on my Android devices, but I usually use ES File Explorer, which can connect to all 3 services as well as SkyDrive. It's still an upload/download process, but ESFE can move files around between local storage, cloud storage, Windows/Samba shares, FTP/SFTP servers, and even Bluetooth devices nearby.

I also use FolderSync on my Dropbox documents folder so I always have local access to certain documents, whether I have internet access or not. That's configured with a 2-way sync, so any changes I add from my tablet or phone are synced to Dropbox the next time I have a signal. I can easily set up this sort of thing for the other cloud services as well.

Cloud Storage 101 Tablet App Recommendations
7/20/12 11:51 AM

Tinkering Monkey missed something: a way to hide the power cable, or at least route it along the stand rather than hanging all over the countertop.

The Tinkering Monkey Square Register Stand
7/5/12 07:17 PM

I agree with the Evernote comments. Something that I haven't seen mentioned yet is that you can encrypt portions of the text of a note in EN, which will help protect things like SSNs and PINs. I also use KeePassDroid on my phone and tablet, and KeePassX on my desktop. KP is able to store and encrypt lots of text-type data, though it's primarily for usernames and passwords; but you could put SSNs or PINs into the comments of a KeePass entry, perhaps with the web URL and login info for the site which provides the card or whatever.

I put my encrypted KeePass DB into my Dropbox and mark it as a favorite file in the DB app on tab/phone, so it always keeps the current version available on my devices (any changes I make to the file on any device are updated automatically to the rest). KP can use 2-factor logins, so I have a password and a keyfile. I store the keyfile on the phone and tablet in a hidden folder (not in Dropbox) in order to be able to unlock the KP database. If I lose either mobile device, I can simply generate a new password and keyfile for the database, rendering it useless on the device even when DB syncs the file.

10 Snapshots You Should Keep in Your Phone's Photo Album
5/2/12 03:07 PM

I use a microfiber cloth, damp if the screen is extra smudged or has some spots of residue. Works very nicely.

Touch Screens: Cleaning Dos and Don'ts
3/20/12 05:40 PM

Obviously he's misbehaving.

Adding a Bit of "Celebrity" To Your Next Party
2/29/12 01:26 PM

Or even better than using iTunes to sync, stick the PDFs on Dropbox. They'll be available anywhere, and you don't have to access iTunes to re-sync (handy if a broken computer is the source of your need for the manual...)

Declutter By Converting Owner's Manuals into iPad "Books"
2/22/12 01:58 PM

It also doesn't seem to factor in wind chill or direct solar thermal radiation effects. After all, 65deg feels different indoors vs outdoors on a sunny day or on a cloudy day.

What If You Could Touch and Feel the Weather Forecast?
2/7/12 07:13 PM

@FUNSTRAW: The article is about reducing clutter (primarily mail/paper). Having a single device which can charge 2 or more devices reduces the number of wall warts and power bricks in use, which...reduces clutter.

3-Step Snail Mail: Scan, Shred, Schedule
2/1/12 12:45 PM

And yet, given the current prices of SSDs, and the fact that they have a limit (though a high limit) to the number of write cycles per memory cell, it's useful to know how to protect and extend your multi-hundred-dollar investment.

How To Properly Calibrate Your New Solid State Drive
11/8/11 02:12 PM

I'm going to wait on a Kindle upgrade until e-Ink releases their work-in-progress color pearl screen.

Amazon Enters Tablet War With (Kindle) Fire
9/28/11 05:44 PM

Of course, CO detectors are sort of unnecessary if your residence has no gas service...

Why Your Home Should Have 4 Alarm Systems
9/27/11 11:19 PM

This is not the first time Steve Jobs has left Apple, merely the first time he's resigned. Apple will be fine.

How Will Apple Fair Without Steve Jobs At The Helm?
8/25/11 02:34 PM