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You must be so relieved to have extra cabinetry for storage now! It would have drove me crazy to see those racks every morning.

Kitchen Before & After: Theresa's 11-Day Gut Overhaul Reader Kitchen Remodel
6/19/12 11:58 AM

I share everyone else's fear of re-upholstering! Maybe some day.

Before & After: Jude's Virtually Free Sofa
6/19/12 11:31 AM

Skylarkmelody - In the original post she said she got them at: .

Before & After: Bedroom Dresser is Painted No More Redoux Interiors
6/18/12 05:21 PM

Wow, night & day.. absolutely gorgeous. It made me even more giddy when I found out it was free! Stunning.

Before & After: Bedroom Dresser is Painted No More Redoux Interiors
6/18/12 05:17 PM

Sherry took the words right out of my mouth. I'm an avid thrifter and there are a few spots I love, but I always branch out and check out everything that's available, including Salvation Army & Goodwill. I've actually done this project, I paid $5 at a yard sale for a chair that needed recaning, then bought about 20 belts because I had a problem finding good quality, leather belts that were of long length and thick width. Most belts that weren't leather, either fabric or plastic-ish, ran about $2, but leather belts ran around $5-10. I suppose you could ask friends or yard sale to try to keep under the $20 mark, but as someone who did this project from thrifting alone, it's well over the $20 mark, but still an awesome statement piece.

15 Dynamo DIY Projects That Cost Less Than $20
Best of 2011

6/18/12 05:12 PM

Very nice! I'm glad to see you stayed true to it's roots.

Before & After: Vintage Airstream Trailer "Runaround Sue" Gets an Eco-Rehab
5/23/12 05:19 PM

I'm glad to see someone restored the original charm and simple elegance to this piece.

Before & After: Dresser Makeunder Curbly
5/23/12 05:16 PM

Capote had it figured out!

12 Great Writers and Their Favorite Snacks
5/23/12 05:11 PM

Very nice redo. I didn't think the flooring in the "before" picture needed to be replaced, but I'm guessing it was laminate? If it was real wood, I would have left it, it had a cool contrast and a "against the grain" feel. I too don't get the large molding on the top of the cabinets. If I couldn't, or decided not to go to the ceiling, I wouldn't draw attention to the huge, hunkering gap. Other than that, I love the clean new lines, especially the subway title back-splash (always a sucker for that!!).

Before & After: Upgrading a Builder's Grade Kitchen Little House Big Plans
5/23/12 05:09 PM

I'm not much of a fan of either, I know shutters get dirty so quick and are a hassle, and the contact paper windows are too modern for me, especially with the large, off-sized martini glass. I would have opted for a blind or curtain in that small space, the contact paper just kills all the natural light. Though, I don't think it's as bad as people are making it out to be. If it's what she likes, it's what she likes, and I'm glad she's enjoying it in HER home.

DIY Privacy Windows Sweet Peach
5/22/12 12:49 PM

If you're willing to accept something outside the realm of the bull, was selling large wire horse statues about a month ago. I believe they were also selling giraffe ones too, but I'm not sure about that, I believe they were around $300 a piece, a considerable amount less than Etsy. I'm definite they were selling roosters, which is a clique wire animal (if there is such a thing!). Maybe Foundary might have bulls in the future. It's worth keeping an eye out for!

Bull Like the One at Banana Republic?
Good Questions

9/7/11 08:32 PM

I've often toyed with the notion of making my own duvet, especially after I saw the tutorial from Prudent Baby ( She also has sister posts for shams and pillows. I was half inspired by the choice of fabric, as well as the indept tutorial. She used common fabric you can find on the Etsy or searching the internet, which is 100% cotton. At least in theory and in the pictures, the fabric looks confortable.

This inspired me to find out exactly what other companies, I respect and buy from, use for their sheets. Most websites will include the type of fabric in the specs. You can easily use the information to use in a search engine to find a store carrying that item.

As for non-internet stores, I'm not sure, sorry.

High Quality Fabric Sources for DIY Bed Sheets?
Good Questions

6/29/11 06:24 PM

I'm so glad to see featured here. She's a sweetheart and a very talented lady. I've bought many things from her & I've always been more than stasified. You definitely get more than you pay for with her!

The other choices are equally as lovely. :)

Cool Knobs for Under $5
4/12/11 08:40 PM