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we have two cats, and know that every once in a while an overnight guest will be allergic. so we keep a single set of guest sheets and towels that live in a closet, stored in one of those plastic zip-up bags that comforters come in. we still wash them before guests arrive and before we put them away, of course, but by not using them ourselves, we mostly avoid getting any cat hair on them at all. it really seems to help!

Apartment Therapy New York | 10 Ways to be Great Host in a Tiny Apartment Amy Elliott of A Warm Welcome
7/31/09 11:05 AM

i agree on doing something solid, and i think a bright color would be great with the black/cream/gray/white scheme that's already in your plans. magicsbm is right on--you really can choose any color you like. it all comes down to your personal preferences, but if it were me, i'd likely go with a bright-ish jewel tone like mustard or olive, eggplant, or burnt orange rather than a "straight" primary color like red or yellow.

as for style, have you considered mixing it up with some minimalist/modern chairs? for some reason, blu dot's real good chair comes to mind. it matches your budget but may not live up to the comfort level you want in a living room. but something similar might look cool in contrast to the more traditional settee. (i happen to like furniture mash-ups, which i think can be awesome if done right.)

good luck!

good luck!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Chairs to Go With New Settee?
6/24/09 03:05 PM

white white white white white for everything but the floor. once you have all your stuff loaded in i don't think it will look stark at all.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Good Questions: Wall Color for Patchwork Painted Floor?
6/3/09 05:07 PM

i haven't read all of the previous comments thoroughly, but you might do what others (i think) have suggested by not only painting/staining the cabinets (or the walls behind them), but losing some of the doors. if you swapped out a couple of them for glass-paned numbers or removed them altogether to create some open shelving, it would really break up that wall o' wood.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Which Color(s) For My Kitchen Cabinets? Los Angeles
5/28/09 08:09 PM

our toolbox lives in right inside the door of our "everything" closet. open the door and it's within easy reach.

good thing the closet, which is one of two in our apt., is a decent size; in addition to the toolbox it holds golf clubs, a cooler, all our camping equipment, an easel, shoes, coats, board games, laundry supplies, and more!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Where Do You Keep Your Tools?
5/21/09 08:19 PM

anyone else think the "can" looks like it should have kitty litter inside? this comment helps no one, i know, i just wanted to put it out there.

good review and good results. i've got a repaint-the-bathroom weekend in my future; maybe i'll consider trying this stuff.

any info on the VOC issue?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Apartment Therapy Test Lab: Dutch Boy Refresh Paint
5/21/09 01:54 PM

also, i second what others have said about dog-friendly places being a challenge to find, but they are certainly out there. my building in the mission has a garden and is pet-friendly (though we have two cats instead of a dog), and hell--if the number of dogs in dolores park on the weekends are any indication, there are at least several apts. in the city that allow them. they must live somewhere! personally, i love the mission for its sun, high walkability, restaurants, and nightlife ... though i have to say that we eat out more often that we "go out" ... we are generally nesters/homebodies and don't necessarily fit the hipster stereotype. the mission is dirty, to be sure. some parts are scarier than others. and parking can really suck depending on where you live. but we put up with the grime because the neighborhood works for us in so many other ways. it takes me about 30 minutes to commute to the financial district, no matter whether i take BART or muni; my boyfriend spends 45 minutes to an hour getting to palo alto everyday via caltrain. when i used to work in berkeley it was an hour on BART (after factoring in the walk on both ends) or a half an hour drive on the way there (longer coming back over the bay bridge in the evenings). hope that helps, if only a little. you have a ton of decisions ahead of you, but best of luck sorting through them and finding a place that works for you!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: SF Neighborhoods for Ex-New Yorkers?
5/18/09 08:19 PM

if you think you'll end up living outside of SF, don't forget to factor in approximate commuting costs. BART, ferries, the transbay bus, bridge tolls, etc. can add up quickly!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: SF Neighborhoods for Ex-New Yorkers?
5/18/09 07:57 PM

wow, do people always drink the same thing with dinner every night? now i'm wondering if it's weird that our choice of beverage totally depends on the day, our mood, and our meal. sometimes it's wine. sometimes it's beer. sometimes it's tap water from the brita pitcher, with or without a lemon wedge. sometimes it's milk. and, finally, sometimes it's soda.

here's to variety, i guess!

@bkg0712 and @laetitiae i love the herbed H20 suggestions! definitely going to try those. (i also recommend water with a fresh cucumber slice or two.)

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Survey: If Not Wine, What Are You Drinking With Dinner?
5/13/09 06:34 PM

my version of white wine and cheerios is kraft macaroni and cheese. don't judge.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | What Do We Eat When We Eat Alone?
5/4/09 01:52 PM

i like to use 'em indoors for houseplants. because they have drainage holes, they are great for sitting within ikea's non-draining cache pots.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Good Question: What To Do With Plastic Plant Pots?
4/24/09 03:30 PM

i second the request for a source for the hanging planter box.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look: Sandra's Little Balcony Nook
4/21/09 06:01 PM

not my aesthetic overall but i have to say i really love the warm mix of textiles and patterns!

Apartment Therapy DC | Small Cool 2009: Katie's Large Foyer Lounge Little Division #43
4/17/09 09:01 PM

are those washing machine/dryer cat beds? cool idea. did you have a pair of appliances die or something?

Apartment Therapy New York | Small Cool 2009: Claudia's Calm White Tiny Division #51
4/16/09 06:30 PM

our "entryway" is created by a two-cubes-wide ikea expedit bookshelf laid horizontally to create a low room divider/half-wall (bonus: it provides a lot of storage). the top of the shelf is lined with large houseplants, which further separates the faux entryway from the living room. we've got a little tray among the plant jungle to hold keys, cell phones, and other on-the-go items, and shoes, jackets, and bags go directly into a coat closet that's further into the living room.

mail doesn't stay in the entryway; our household mail rules are ruthless. it gets sorted, opened, and dealt with immediately ... one of the few "systems" we have that really works!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Dilemma: When Your Front Door Opens Directly Into Your Living Room
4/10/09 04:42 PM

same as you, for the most part: fairly health-conscious middle-class american, with a few unhealthy fast food phases on the side.

my mom has always been the more health-freak-y parent, and my dad the more indulgent. as kids we definitely learned to drink our milk and eat our fruits and veggies. soda and snackfoods weren't at all banned from our house, but they were definitely there only in moderation.

one thing that definitely stuck with me is that, when it comes to several "unhealthy" foods/condiments that were on my mom's no-no list ... including sour cream, mayonnaise, and bacon ... my adult mind would tell me "you don't like that" when the reality was, "you've never had that." i just grew up not eating them. i've definitely, um, "learned" to like bacon, salami, and other delectable, formerly off-limits foods, but only in small portions, which ain't a bad thing. to this day, though, i never add sour cream to anything. didn't eat it as a kid, don't like it now!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | What Kind of Cuisine Did You Grow Up With?
3/31/09 04:13 PM

i don't have a porch; all we've got is a fire escape. but i've found that, because the view from our kitchen and living room windows includes several back porches on the neighboring street, i've developed quite an opinion {and, er, streak of bitterness} on the subject.

if your porch is completely out-of-sight with respect to your neighbors, do whatever you want with it.

but if other view your porch from their homes, ahem:

i am all for using the space to line-dry your laundry or to "store" outdoorsy items like bicycles, terra cotta pots, shovels, firewood, bags of soil, and other things that don't look completely out of place on a porch.

but please please please keep it organized.

my neighbors' back porches look like trash heaps. there are rags and old clothes in piles on the ground. one house has an old wooden door out there, precariously balanced atop a mound of kids toys, cardboard boxes, broken chairs, and various other crap. the thing is not only an eyesore, but to make matters worse they lock their dog out there for hours on end. it's so bad that i've actually thought about calling to report animal abuse.


Apartment Therapy Boston | Survey: Do You Use Your Porch for Storage in the Winter?
3/30/09 03:37 PM

definitely a solid-color rug under the table and benches ... FLOR tiles might be be your best bet due to their easy-to-clean/replace factor. cream or white would look awesome, but i can see why you'd want to avoid those with the crafting, eating, and kid-having you've got going on. :) really any color that provides high contrast against both the table and the floor will do. i'd be wary of anything red or orange-y ... seems to me those two colors would melt right in.

i'd also love to see some plants in there ... a big tree-like thing near the windows would look awesome and bring in a non-linear shape.

have you considered moving that bench that's currently under the painting and against the wall? you might try centering it in front of the windows and "adding some soft" by topping it with a large cushion that runs the whole length of it {again, be sure to use a contrasting color to break up all that wood}.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Jazz Up This Dining Room?
2/25/09 05:54 PM

i should add: most us wouldn't have moved no matter *where* we were asked to go, due to family obligations, a significant other's employment, etc.

Apartment Therapy New York | Shelterquake: Country Home Folds ReadyMade Moves to Iowa!
1/9/09 11:18 PM

i loved working at readymade. until yesterday.

unfortunately, meredith's decision to move the editorial production of readymade to des moines didn't quite translate into moving the staff there as well. although some of us were given the choice to move, no one has opted to do so. the entire staff will be changing, which means the magazine will too.

for all of us who were laid off yesterday, one of the biggest disappointments is that we were just about to unveil a big redesign. what readymade ends up looking like when the april/may issue hits newsstands may or may not be the readymade we once knew {and helped create}.

while it's true that the move to meredith HQ will allow readymade to cut costs and to take advantage of resources like an in-house photo studio, it will be interesting to see what happens to the mag under the new management.

in the meantime, if anybody needs a magazine or web editor in the bay area, i'm all ears!

Apartment Therapy New York | Shelterquake: Country Home Folds ReadyMade Moves to Iowa!
1/9/09 10:44 PM