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Welcome to my pain. This weekend I installed a temporary turquoise backsplash and it has helped "personalize my kitchen." Overall, my place looks great, but you can still tell, upon close inspection, that I'm a renter. :(

The 10 Worst Things About Renting (And How to Deal with Them) Renters Solutions
7/15/14 12:08 PM

Different strokes for different folks...this stroke ain't for me.

Conversation Pits: Time for a Comeback!
2/2/12 06:59 PM

I wasn't offended by your previous article at all. I thought it a fair observation and question. I too grew up detesting the chore of washing dishes EVERY night while my brother was in charge of trash "when needed" but never every night. I couldn't wait until I grew up so that I wouldn't have to wash another dis,h EVER!

Turns out, I'm a single grown up who is responsible for cleaning the dishes, taking out the trash and the entire upkeep of my apartment. Womp Womp Womp. Now I can't wait until I have someone else to take out the trash, lift heavy objects, and all the other things that I don't associate with womanly chores. If our circumstances require us to reevaluate who is responsible for what, that's ok too. Will it be a perfect balance, probably not, I doubt anything will be exactly 50/50. As long as I feel appreciated, who should care but us?

Last thing: Yep, I'm from MS. Yep, I was raised by old school southern women. Nope, I would not have had it any other way.


Home Ec., Pt. 2: A Balancing Act for Us All
1/31/12 01:25 PM

I would love to be here, even if it is hot.

Kekkilä Garden: Prefab Garden Shed Turned Backyard Retreat

1/19/12 10:38 PM

What a timely post?! Just this weekend, I decided that I should transfer all of my recipes from my inbox to a recipe box. Although it's not realistic that I would use them since I don't use my cookbooks.

I've turned my email inbox into a recipe box. I email recipes to myself and simply search my inbox by keyword when I need one. It only takes a few seconds and they will be in my inbox forever unless and until Gmail dies. :o

Recipe Cards: Useful or Outdated?
1/18/12 02:19 PM

I start everyday with two spoonfuls of coconut oil in my hot cocoa (not a coffee drinker). It does wonders for my metabolism, hair, skin, and nails. It makes my cocoa taste so yummy!

Pantry Staples: Trader Joe's Organic Coconut Oil
1/14/12 11:53 AM

Y'all, I had NO idea I'd typed such a long comment. I got a little carried away. *blushes*

Ideas For Adding Color to Brown Living Room?
Good Questions

1/10/12 02:10 PM

Hi Molly!

I agree you should hang a mirror over the credenza but only if you center both the credenza & mirror on the wall & move the plant to to the empty area near the window (there is photo there now). Make sure the mirror is oversized and hung horizontally in order to catch light from your window and reflect it inside=naturally brighter.

As for colored accessories, try bright versions of orange & green as your primary colors, then highlight with darker blues, purples, or pinks. Your throw pillows have prints so look for a rug with a lot of visiual texture texture or a modern, border rug (prints on outside/solid inside). don't forget to add a few colored pieces on your credenza & TV shelf.

Also maybe consider moving the bar cart. It's being overshadowed by the TV shelf/display. Show off that stocked bar! Put it in another nook and consider placing it in "caddy-corned" & adding some hieght (move liquor to the front & add a tall flower/vase in the back).

Lastly, try finding two medium to large-sized prints (abstract or photos) and flank them on the side of the TV display. Don't worry about finding two sister prints, just make sure to use the same size frame. If you use photos, consider converting them to sepia (brown & cream) for uniformity & a change in what people are used to seeing.

Your place is already beautiful but I hope this helps! Good luck!

BTW: I wish AT had a "Good Questions Follow-up" post so we could see how things turn out. *hint, hint, nudge* :)

Ideas For Adding Color to Brown Living Room?
Good Questions

1/10/12 02:08 PM

I love this color! I used it to brighten up the chocolates and creams in my living room and kitchen. My apartment is so bright & cheery now! I also threw in 2 dark fuchsia chairs as accent pieces. Everyone (esp. me) loves it!

Color Spotlight: Chartreuse
10/20/11 10:55 AM

Took my breath away!

Bright Entryways: Foyers that Pop
10/6/11 11:01 AM

Awesome! It looks like a totally different room. This was such a great idea!

Before & After: Katherine's Beautiful Built-in Shelving
10/5/11 05:18 PM

You all did such a good job with your dorm. I love the lime and turquoise!

Small Space Solutions: Vanessa & Emily's Dorm Done Right
9/29/11 02:37 PM

I love this house too. Wonderful color choices!

Monica's Turn of the Century Colorful Farmhouse
House Call

9/28/11 03:54 PM

What a great list!

Also I like/love: “Home is the girl's prison and the woman's workhouse” -George Bernard Shaw

10 Worthwhile Reminders: Home is the Heart of Life
9/21/11 02:31 PM

What a great idea!

Make Faux-Bronze Animal Bookends On The Cheap
Mad In Crafts

9/19/11 04:34 PM

They both look amazing! Great job!

Before & After: Two Kitchens Overhauled with Bold Color and Painted Cabinets
The Color Cure

8/30/11 02:26 PM

I just got the raspberry ice mixer as a gift yesterday & it's even more gorgeous in person! It's a little darker than the ones pictured above (perhaps brightened by the camera flash?). It matches my fuchsia/bright chartreuse/yellow color scheme perfectly! Can't wait to use it!!!!

Raspberry Ice! KitchenAid Goes Hot Pink With New Colors
International Home & Housewares Show 2011

8/15/11 05:20 PM

I love your space! You did an awesome job and I MUST find a hot pink mixer!

Oniela's Cheerful & Sunny Studio
House Tour

8/4/11 10:01 AM

valleyval is right. The Bad Girls don't deserve to this place. It's too beautiful!

Jeffrey Eyser & Alexis Karpf Take Over the Bad Girls Club
8/1/11 02:57 PM

As a Christmas gift to a friend, I framed LPs. Six glass frames for about $40.

How To Mount Vintage Record Covers?
Good Questions

7/28/11 09:45 AM