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I love the January Cure, but I had to start a few weeks late this year due to a family vacation in January. My PROJECT! this year is going to be tackling the entry way of our house. Adding coat storage, a functional and stylish rug for visitors' boots and shoes, and set up a "mail" station to tackle all that paper that comes in and out of the house.

You Can Do It: Pick a Project to Cross Off Your List January Cure: Assignment # 5
1/29/14 12:21 PM

I'm going to tackle the wall where the desk sits in our home office. Chalkboard paint the wall, and reorganize the desk/storage to make it nice to look at every day. Can't wait til it's done!

Day 5: Select One Project from Your List to Complete this Month Apartment Therapy January Cure
1/22/13 10:28 AM

made this for dessert tonight! SO YUMMY!

Frozen Banana-Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chip Milkshakes | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
3/18/10 09:19 PM

For cleaning - the best thing I've found is good old fashioned vinegar and baking soda. Let it sizzle for awhile, and use a scouring pad to remove tough spots. Works like a charm! Then let the yellow work for you! I'd add touches of charcoal gray and plum purple. Paint some thrift store frames gray for photos on the wall, get a plum shower curtain. For added storage, buy some fabric and use velcro to attach it around the sink. That way you can hide your bathroom stuff under the sink, and add some color as well.

Rescuing This Rental's Bathroom? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
1/24/10 01:22 PM

the perfect afternoon snack! Slice open the 2 or 3 dates and remove the pit, fill the spot where the pit was with some brie cheese, close it back up and dig in! SOOOO YUMMMYYY

Making a Date! What to Do with an Abundance of Dates | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
1/24/10 01:17 PM

You can find doner kebab at Uncle Otto's in Athens, Georgia. Bite for bite , it tastes just like the doner kebab in Germany. Also, they have incredible Belgian Fries with lots of sauces. YUMMMY!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Travel Inspiration: Turkish Döner Kebab in Germany
7/15/09 06:22 PM

every year around this time, I attempt to do the same thing. I do it on self.com's self challenge. There's a great online meal log that's pretty easy to use. check it out!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Do You Keep a Food Journal?
3/2/09 05:39 PM

not breakfast...dessert! (sorry)

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Weekend Entertaining: Ideas for Themed Dinner Parties
8/9/08 05:07 AM

My boyfriend and I love throwing crepe parties. We have an old crepe maker (a wedding gift to my parents in the 70's) that my mother gave me. He makes the crepes, and everyone who comes brings their own fillings - meats, cheeses, vegetables for dinner and fruits and nutella for breakfast. It's a big hit every time!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Weekend Entertaining: Ideas for Themed Dinner Parties
8/9/08 05:06 AM

oooooooooooh I'd make a nice pot roast with lots of veggies! yummy!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Thursday Giveaway: Crock-Pot VersaWare Slow Cooker
3/13/08 12:28 PM