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It's funny how different every mom and baby can be. My list is the exact opposite of this one! Everything she didn't need, I couldn't live without and everything she couldn't live without, I have never really used!

Lauren's List: Baby Items I'm Glad I Bought & Ones I Wish I Hadn't
2/19/14 05:26 PM

I think registries are a brilliant way to let people know what you need and what you want and at least what your tastes are. It prevents people from wasting money on something that a couple may never use or like and it also saves people time when trying to find the perfect gift for a couple when they maybe only know one half of the couple. I recently had to take several gifts to goodwill that I received for our wedding from well-meaning guests, but who just really didn't understand our taste or lifestyle (for instance-we received an onion chopper and my husband despises onions and we haven't had an onion in our house in over 5 years). We also got some handmade gifts that we really really love and will cherish that obviously were not able to be put on a registry. A thoughtful couple will make a registry with different kinds of gifts at different price points that are accessible to all of their guests. Another great solution is a site called "simple registry" where people can put money towards bigger gifts like furniture or appliances and can spend the exact amount that they feel comfortable with. I'd always much rather buy off a registry than go rogue because I can feel safe knowing that my gift won't end up at goodwill.

Why I Love Wedding Registries (But Still Sometimes Go Rogue)
5/22/13 02:52 PM