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@ MANDAPANDA; Your right, that is straight out of Blade Runner. It's a partial copy of a rendering for the movie by the industrial designer Syd Mead. Being to cheap to have it printed, I painted it instead. When I first found the rendering, it was from the middle to the left hand side. I made up the rest of the painting to fill the space. Recently I discovered a full picture of the rendering that showed allot more. Technically the painting has never been finished, but I got distracted and just wanted to have it hung. I made the frame of it as well, which is covered in junk, looking like a three dimensional representation of the buildings in the art work. Although it's unlikely, I may take it off the wall and finish it one day.

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4/11/12 12:34 PM

Thank you everyone and thank you AT for giving my place a chance.

@ PI, CHURUMBELA and YRNAMEHERE; I had no idea my book selection would make such an impact, thank you, even though I am not a huge reader, I do love these and can't wait for the next William Gibson book to come out.

@ LYONSTILL, DYNAMICDU07, KEIRA, LROSEK; For me, the room divider makes the home, I spent about a month planning it and even taping out the area of its location before attempting to build it. It really came together after I found the dresser with the same slanted drawers as in the kitchen and built in dresser next to the closet. I modified the drawers to house a desktop computer, and a DVD player. The smoked acrylic panels we're used to allowed the DVD remote to work while the drawer face was closed. The rest of it was built from stuff you can find at your local hardware store. I have to thank my girl friend for the hunk tree stump on the back of the tv, I had it for about a year before I ever got to show it off.

@ TRACY333, KEIRA; I would have posted a picture of my bathroom or kitchen had I been able to take a good one. The bathroom would have required a fish eyed lens just to get a good shot. I wasn't able to get good light in the kitchen and I really wanted to share some of the details that I have put in to the place. I do appreciate the input though.

@ PI, I am awful with grammer and spelling, so I apologize for my mistakes.

@ SHERRYBINNH, BEJEWELED; I couldn't imagine putting the bed anywhere else in such a small space. For over a year or so the mattress sat on the ground. I had to wait patiently for a bed frame to show up at the As-Is area. I attached the upholstered panels and the upholstered head and side board following.

@ BENNEMANS; I'm flattered but I don't think my girlfriend would approve.

@ INKHEAD; This was a recent addition that I also owe to my girlfriend. The fabric pattern is from Ikea, it also had the anime girl on it which was used for the pillows on the bed.

@ CHELLE BELLE; I was very careful to leave a one inch gap around the entire heater. Luckily being in Southern California, I rarely have to use it, but I am always nervous to turn it on.

Once again, thanks to everyone else. As someone who spends all his time "making," it's nice to get some of my work out there.

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4/11/12 12:27 PM