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The best way is to fill a spray bottle with ammonia (or use windex) Put a towel on the floor under it and spray it like crazy and let it drip dry. It will sparke.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | How To . . . Clean a Crystal Chandelier
2/14/08 09:37 AM

If you want to save $$ on the movers, do all of the lite stuff yourself, load up the car as much as possible. I just used the movers to do the furniture, large & heavy stuff, and moved the rest myself.

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2/7/08 11:54 AM

I need to replace the ugly stained off white carpeting in the living room/dinning room of my apartment. The landlord will not replace it. I have kids, so I am looking for something that won't show every little stain. I am on a tight budget. Can anyone reccomend any carpet stores or other economical flooring ideas? Thanks.

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2/7/08 08:18 AM