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My BF and I use Astrid. It's free and available for both iOS and Android. Some of my favorite features of Astrid are being able to assign tasks to specific users, make lists private or public/shared, reminders (in a smart way!), integration with Google, just to name a few.

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2/12/13 04:20 PM

Thanks for this post; I really enjoyed it!

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3/23/10 08:14 PM

Two of my favorite recipes that include persimmon are persimmon-cranberry sauce and persimmon quick bread

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1/25/10 04:40 PM

Wow, every aspect of this trip sounds and looks so awesome! I hope to do something like this one day.

Apple Cider Campout In Sonoma | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
11/13/09 02:50 PM

I went over to Macy's (Burlington, MA) store today to pick up a set of the Satin Danford flatware since they looked pretty good in the photo. How disappointing to find that ones at the store are slightly different - they have a strange dimple in the middle of the handle that isn't shown on either the online image or the floor model set - it was ugly enough to make me leave empty handed. I asked the manager and the only answer he could give me was that sometimes the manufacturer changes the design slightly but keeps the name. So buyer beware if you are planning to buy these!

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9/13/09 01:32 AM

This home is really beautifully put together. I am quite impressed.

Apartment Therapy Boston | House Call: Kibwe Emily's Eclectic Combo Boston
7/17/09 06:55 PM

IKEA play ball pen = Swedish pit of disease

Apartment Therapy Chicago | IKEA as a Babysitter?
6/18/09 08:52 PM

I would suggest taking the lettuce and things that would wilt out, and then heat the tortilla/chicken/cheese in a toaster oven, which should make it crispy!

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3/23/09 03:06 PM

I would try making cupcakes in a slow cooker if I had one... :D

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9/25/08 10:24 AM

One of my favorite posters is an A.E.G poster designed by Peter Behrens in 1910. Wish I could have a light bulb like that =)

Apartment Therapy - Thursday Giveaway: Hatch Show Print
9/20/07 03:18 PM

I actually made 3 lamps similar to those posted above out of some prett[ier] sauce and jam glass jars; they came out quite nicely! Just make sure to put in a nice looking (fluorescent!) light bulb and the fluorescent bulbs are cooler than incandescent so overheating is not much of a problem - just create a few holes in the lid to vent it.

French Jam Jar Lights at The Collection
7/30/07 04:24 PM

I think Binvention is a pretty neat product.

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4/12/07 11:41 AM