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I tried this at the store, and found that to get it to scroll as quickly as I would like, i had to take my hand off the mouse, and move my finger down the entire thing. It wasn't comfortable and felt awkward.

Possibly, this is something that would just need to be tweaked in the settings, but there is no way for me to find out until the holiday shopping rush dies off. Anyone else have this experience?

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12/15/09 11:41 AM

We use these at home. They work great, and make a cool zippy sound as the curtains are opened/closed. We get around the sagging by using one of the posts meant to go around the corner. The curtains span about 8~10 feet.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look: Cheap and Easy Hanging Hardware Idea! Austin
11/14/08 01:27 PM

I use a $2.99 convex blind spot mirror from kroger. Probably could find something similar at the auto parts store

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9/7/08 01:15 PM

sign me up.

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4/25/08 06:34 AM

multitasker! yes please.

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3/14/08 11:07 AM

The first rental experience on AppleTV was rather hectic, with my wife and daughter waiting expectantly as it kept telling me that there was a problem with my account. Since I couldn't fix the problem from the ATV itself, I had to log on and fix it from the laptop. Turned out that I had my address as ending with PL, but it needed to be Place. After that it worked like a charm, my rental was available within a minute, looked great and played like a champ.

The other times I have rented, three total, have been effortless and worked as advertised. I have yet to rent anything HD though. That is my next step.

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3/6/08 10:02 AM

Have you considered using velcro zip ties instead of the plastic ones? When I move my cables around or add a new component I can just reuse the velcro zip tie that was already there.
Home stores like Home Depot and Lowes usually have them by the roll so you can save a bit there.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | How To...Manage Your Cables
2/7/08 05:24 AM