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Seriously considered naming my son Eero.

10 Tell-Tale Signs Your Home Style Might Be: Mid-Century Modern
7/30/14 06:42 PM

21. Go skinny dipping

Classic Summer Fun on a Budget: 20 Activities to Add to Your Summer Bucket List
6/24/14 12:45 PM

I agree with you, but Eichler was a builder that employed many different architects. His biggest accomplishment is not in design, but in applying design to entire subdivisions.

Icons of American Style: Designers & Modern Classics American Style
6/16/14 06:08 PM

Maybe it's just me, but I don't think of Gehry as a 'Modern' designer the same way that I think of Eero Saarenin, Neutra, or Van der Rohe. His stuff is more like the post-modern "design for design's sake" than the elegant simplicity and truthiness of Modernism.

Icons of American Style: Designers & Modern Classics American Style
6/16/14 06:06 PM

Also, the Eames LTR is currently $177 at DWR, thanks to the annual Herman Miller sale.

High and Low: The New Classics, Super Budget Edition
6/4/14 06:32 PM

Target has a Jumbo Architect Floor Lamp, much like the Anglepoise jumbo floor lamp.

High and Low: The New Classics, Super Budget Edition
6/4/14 06:27 PM

This is the best article I've seen on how to effectively clean grout.

Tips & Tricks: How To Clean Grout Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/26/14 12:40 PM

Two of those bases would make for a good Eames Surfboard Table base.

Before & After: Target Stool Transforms into Table
2/6/14 11:27 AM

Wow, tell us what you all *really* think.

I actually have a lot of fun in Tulsa. It's a town with great history, a great employment rate, and low cost of living. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I've visited other cities, of course. My wife and I love Chicago. Dallas is an urban sprawl. San Francisco is great. You can keep LA and OC. Hour-long commutes on the freeway to a house you can't afford is not the way I want to live. But we like our slice of Oklahoma.

Check Out America's Most Affordable Cities Design News
1/8/14 03:31 PM

Uhhh, thanks?

Check Out America's Most Affordable Cities Design News
1/8/14 01:50 PM

I think I'll get that Diana Krall song just for the cover...

Life After Black Friday: FREE Stuff! Tech Deals of the Week
12/6/13 09:23 PM

I'd love to do stainless steel countertops, and am interested in how they did theirs. I was considering tops that wrap the substrate, so they have stainless steel edge. But theirs look like they're a single sheet, bent to make the backsplash, and glued to veneer-core plywood. Is that correct?

Ara & Chris' Abbot Kinney Loft House Tour
8/23/13 03:57 PM

The 3M security film on glass is as good of a deterrent as a security system.

Front Door Suggestions for 1920's Home? Good Questions
6/14/13 12:20 PM

To everyone complaining about locking yourself out: Notice that there's still a keyhole. Your keys still work...

Smartphones to Replace Front Door Keys
5/15/13 01:24 PM

Better than the cheap stuff you get at Lowe's, not as good as custom-built. Better than the majority of the stuff out there.

There ya go.

Are IKEA Kitchen Cabinets a Good Idea? Good Questions
4/2/13 11:34 AM

Buy the Bosch. Then get their awesome pocket-sized drill.

Toolbox Essential: Cordless Screwdrivers
2/12/13 12:29 PM

The Photographer's Eye: Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos -- this one's about composition.

Photography Books for Every Kind of Shutterbug on Your Gift List Super Photo Magic School
11/30/12 12:51 PM

These are awesome! I'd go for contrast instead of complement, like you suggested with the Parsons table. There's always a Saarinen, or something like a Eames dining table. I think my favorite option is a Noguchi Cyclone Table (many reproductions available). I think it would play well with the metal in the chair.

How Can I Give These Vintage Chairs a Modern Update? Good Questions
11/19/12 04:43 PM

You know you are a nerd when: You see that they named their kid "Serenity", and you wonder if they were "Firefly" fans.

Best Kids' Parties: Science My Party
11/12/12 04:02 PM

If I was anywhere near California, I would jump on that Le Corbusier.

Sleek Modernism: Le Corbusier, End Tables & Credenza The Thursday AFTERNOON Scavenger
11/8/12 01:51 PM