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This is not my taste, but an incredibly imaginative and resourceful re-imagining all the same! I love the idea of saving stuff from landfill and using faux when you can! Green and vegan FTW!

As for the dust mites etc etc in the old filling, when you get something reupholstered professionally, the old filling is usually replaced, exactly because of what one poster mentioned. If mold or other yuckiness is found, the client is advised and can decide not to go ahead with their project.

Before & After: I Spy A Reimagined Sofa
10/17/13 11:59 AM

Wall to wall carpets, especially old ones, are the devil. I would much rather paint a subfloor with boat paint temporarily than live in a mould and mite motel.

Dueling Greens: Clashing Colors As Project Motivation
9/10/13 04:14 PM

Both kitchens are fine, but I must admit that the whole thing looks like one of those commercial magazine spreads. Adding the bit about using an architect and relocating gas lines and electric is almost admitting "Look, we really need to tell people that this was substantial and important because the pictures don't speak for themselves". It's not what I am looking for when I visit AT.

Before & After: Jane's Brooklyn Kitchen Transformation The Sweeten
3/28/13 11:37 AM

@Montemalone, I don't think the before picture shows built-ins. It looks like it shows a teak credenza - you can even see the angled feet. The after photo shows plain white shelving that goes all the way to the ground and just LOOKS like built ins. Just sayin'.
Looks great. I can totally understand the bed not being the first thing you walk in on. That's what blackout curtains are for!

Before & After: Samna Transforms a Studio in 5 Days
2/21/13 02:34 PM

Dwell, Dwell, Dwell!!! Yes, I know it is heavy on architecture as opposed to 'How to Decorate your Mantlepiece for Every Season', but it is like education for your design eye, and has lots of lovely interior shots of the featured homes. I know that my bathroom reno was heavily influenced by Dwell, even though they do not explicitly feature bathrooms.

Top Pick for Shelter Magazine Subcription? Good Questions
2/4/13 11:53 AM

Outdoor space is a win! Original scrolly window screens are also gorgeous, although they were there to begin with, obviously. Love the couch. Colour book organization is a big meh. Flag controversy - let's just say I'm glad to be a Canadian where this discussion would never happen.

Gramercy Apartment Gets a Spruce Up Home By Novogratz
8/13/12 01:33 PM

Re: positive reveal. I was told by the countertop guy that "That is always how it is", so that there is no goopy dark area for gunk to accumulate. I wonder why I never noticed it anywhere else...? I hate it too.

The World's Ugliest Condo: And Then There Were(n't) Countertops Renovation Diary
5/15/12 01:29 PM

136sq feet. That is all.

Jennifer's Gathering Place Small Cool Contest
4/4/12 11:18 AM

I love true budget cool!

Jenn's Smart and Cheap Toronto Kitchen
7/12/11 02:59 PM

Oh please. As someone who has had a 'quirky' kitchen for years, I can honestly say that the AFTER is functional, clean and easy on the eyes. The before might be cute in a photo but I bet it was a pain to cook in and clean up afterwards. Ditto the windows. Some things just cannot be salvaged and it is quasi-fraudulent to suggest that they should be.

Before & After: Ann & Dan's Green and Modern Kitchen
EcoNatalie, Inc.

5/23/11 10:55 AM