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I love cheery, but homey look of the yellow wood paneling, thanks for the idea!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: Nice Painted Wood Paneling#comments
2/6/08 01:19 PM

Lena's home is inspiration to us all to be a litter cuter, a little more creative and a little more relaxed. Love it.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF House Tour: Lena Corwin's Curated Charm#comments
2/6/08 11:03 AM

I must say I'm shocked at the ignorant comments made by some of my fellow AT:SF readers.... This idea is brilliant! Displaying nature as design is such a classic approach, but this idea still manages to improve upon it somehow. BTW, love Paxton Gate!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: Staghorn Fern Mantlepiece
2/6/08 10:51 AM

What a little jewel of curiosities! I love the idea of presenting quirky objects like they are fine works of art, it makes the difference between "cookie-cutter" style or truly genuine and unique design. So glad someone is drawing attention to this little jem.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Mickey's Monkey#comments#comments
2/6/08 10:38 AM