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i dont know frank, but i know his brother jay from la..i guarantee you, jay is a great guy, a sincere guy, so i assume frank is as well..years ago, i bought a texaco teague desk from jay, when i was in la for the bills/cowboys this day i marvel at how ahead of the times jay was, to know to buy those abandoned gas station desks and restore them to mint condition..and the snitty comments on here about shoddy service from modernica seems rather high handed..if they closed the store in soho, it was probably because it was difficult to mind it from more, no the way, jay and frank built all the furniture you saw in men in black..these guys deserve a little respect, just for what two guys from nebraska, accomplished after they relocated to la..

Apartment Therapy New York | What's The Deal With Modernica?
2/5/08 07:15 PM