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cchh- It is the Hyde sectional. I love it! It looks great in the living room and is very comfortable for entertaining or watching television. Also, the chaise part isn't super long so it leaves space to put chairs around the couch. Mine is in the luxe velvet in pewter with poly fiber cushions. They need to get it back in the store!

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9/29/11 06:06 PM

josie12- I'm liking the lucite bookshelves idea!
Juis22- The art above the couch is by Joan Linder. Her work can be found at

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7/18/11 08:23 PM

Thank you for all of the great feedback!
**Syllogi - If you live in the NYC area, try Gracious Home or The Accessory Store in Stamford, CT....they both have a great selection of wiring to chose from. I actually had it re-wired in CT, and had Gracious Home shorten the wiring once I realized that I had miscalculated the length.
**petwood- Your "very symmetrical" comment made rethink two tables I was going to buy for in front of the couch. I appreciate the observation.
**smariel - The color of the living room and foyer is Cornforth White by Farrow & Ball and my bedroom is Winds Breath by Benjamin Moore.
**ebrown- Thank you for the kind words, but I have to disagree with you on fresh flowers. I googled "describing flowers etiquette" and I got zero I will stay with fresh flowers just to make sure there is no confusion!
**chisig70 - I wish that I lacquered myself, but I have to outsource that.
**rita1905- The artwork over the sofa is by Joan Linder. Her work can be found at Mixed Greens in Chelsea.
**Beaded Whimsey- The grey buck is by Rachel Denny. Her work is even more amazing in person.
**thelinus's- I have never had J&J pick anything up, but they have delivered to my house in CT for a fee. They do beautiful work....speak with Jovi.
**Betty14: Thank you for loving everything up until the last picture. Skulls aren't for everyone...but I happen to love skulls! I also love the artist who created the piece.

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7/15/11 08:30 AM

Britany. I'm loving your style as well..your home looks fantastic!! The drawing you were asking about is from an artist named Joan Linder...the six panels are a view of lower Manhattan.

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4/28/11 03:05 PM

Thank you for all of the great comments. Here are some answers to your questions...
The drawings of the TV and of lower Manhattan (above the couch) are by an artist named Joan Linder. You can find her work at
The X-Bench in the entryway is from eBay. I had it painted a light blue and reupholstered.
I wish that I had submitted a better picture of the dining table. It is a Lucite base with a glass top...I didn't realize how hard to it was to see that it was a table until after I had submitted everything. The bamboo benches are from an antique store in NYC.

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4/28/11 02:14 PM