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There's lots of beautiful style and creativity in this little place. Brava, Krystal!

Krystal's San Francisco Studio House Tour
3/22/12 12:44 PM

Just looking at this house makes me feel more relaxed. Wonderful open spaces and generous room sizes. A serene and beautiful abode.

Shiva's Eclectic, Romantic Modern Ranch House Tour
2/29/12 02:22 PM

This house is nicely done, but this minimalism is not for me.

Jonya & Brad's Modern A–Frame
House Tour

2/16/12 01:04 PM

I am loving chalkboard paint more and more. Very cute re-do.

Before & After: No More Wasted Wall Space in This Home Office
2/15/12 12:00 PM

You cannot go wrong with interesting architecture and pure white. Lovely.

Wendy & Gavin's Bright White Cottage
House Tour

2/14/12 01:09 PM

I love this house. Quirky but calming. An impeccable jumble of eclectic pieces all nicely tied together with creamy whites. Fabulous.

Carly & Chip's Resourceful & Refined Home
House Tour

2/2/12 11:50 AM

This looks great; very fresh and new. It would also be interesting to see how to keep the vintage esthetic but freshen it up and make it less stodgy. Randy Florke from Country Living is good at that.

Before & After: A Granny Office Goes Modern
2/1/12 02:05 PM

Book shelves and display space!

Removed 80's Wet Bar - Now What?
Good Questions

1/31/12 09:57 AM

I really like her sensibility, with almost a Bloomsbury Group feel to it.

Heather's Charming Modern Farmhouse Brooklyn Loft
House Tour

1/27/12 03:01 PM

Sweet subway tile bathroom. What a lovely place!

Matt Makes His Tiny Rental into a Home
House Tour

1/20/12 03:45 PM

I didn't watch, but I caught a few minutes of a fashion wrapup, and it seemed like the lavender/purple family was big this year.

Red Carpet to Room: Blush & Navy
1/19/12 05:31 PM

I love the look of open shelving, but everything has to be pretty and well organized, and that's just not how I live. The beauty of closed cabinets is that you can hide the mess.

How To Know if You're Ready for Open Kitchen Shelving
1/19/12 01:54 PM

I never think about what's trendy or popular. I just go with my gut; I go with what I like and what looks beautiful and creative to me. The furniture made of pallets may be "trendy," but it's a wonderful trend for creating an interesting rustic look that recycles material and costs nothing. I think it will endure.

How Do You Deal with Design Trends?
1/19/12 12:55 PM

This is an impeccable, seamless blend of vintage, rustic and modern elements. I'm in awe. One of the best posts ever at this site.

Scott's Modern Heritage in Ottawa
House Tour

1/12/12 01:27 PM

Lots of beautiful touches here--the painted zig zag in the bathroom, the rug in the kitchen. Though I appreciate contrast and eclectic mixes, I find the large bright art in the living room to be a bit jarring. On the whole, though, this is an inspiring place.

Zoe & Trey's Refined Eclectic Georgetown Digs
House Tour

1/5/12 11:53 AM

Yummy, cozy all-white bedroom. I also really like the smart wall of bookcases and desk. Great place.

Sarah's Supremely Stylish West Village Home
House Tour

1/4/12 12:46 PM

One of my favorites ever on apartment therapy. What a happy jumble of funky good design and homey warmth.

Sarah's "Farmhouse Vintage Modern" in Logan Square
House Tour

12/14/11 11:39 PM

Ohhhh yummm. What a fabulous place. The textiles, the eclectic mix of objet from various cultures, the pillows, the prints, the solid and understated furniture, the colors. It's beautiful. But: Why do I seem to be the only person in the world who hangs her art low? To me it seems that people invariably hang their art about a foot too high. (Could it be because I'm 5'0"?) Drop it down, people!

Kay's Curated Somerville Nest
House Tour

11/21/11 09:05 PM

Nice charm and built-ins in this rental. I like her understated taste. Agree with Mod4God that this looks more like rustic shabby chic than bohemian.

Lindsay's Modern Bohemian in Silver Lake
House Tour

11/21/11 02:00 PM

Evita, WHERE did you get the curtain fabric? I adore it! Thanks.

Evita's "Vintage Panama" Room
11/17/11 03:37 PM